March 30, 2020
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Storm the court security

K-STATE IS IN HOT WATER BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF SECURITY.. WHEN FANS STORMED THE COURT LAST NIGHT AFTER THE WIN OVER K-U. KAKE SPORTS DIRECTOR SHANE EWING IS HERE WITH THE DETAILS. IT’S ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING SCENES IN ALL OF SPORTS – AN IN-YOUR-FACE INDICATOR THAT SOMETHING INCREDIBLE HAS JUST HAPPENED… BUT KANSAS STATE’S STORMING OF THE COURT LAST NIGHT MANAGED TO POINT TO A MAJOR FAILURE IN THE MIDST OF VICTORY. IT APPEARS TO BE A UNIVERSITY BONDED TOGETHER TO SHARE JOY AFTER AN UPSET AGAINST ITS IN-STATE RIVAL… BUT KANSAS STATE – CALLING IT AN UNFORTUNATE SITUATION… CURRIE: “We do apologize to Sheahon Zenger and Coach Self.” FANS CREATING AN UNSAFE ATMOSPHERE FOR THE OPPONENT – THE SUBJECT OF TODAY’S ESPN’S OUTSIDE THE LINES. Bill Self: “There were several students that hit our players. Not saying with fists, but when you storm the court, you run in, you bump everybody, stuff like that. This has got to stop.” Jay Bilas: “Somebody is going to get hurt and when it happens, we’re all going to say this should have been stopped a long time ago.” THE WILDCAT FAITHFUL HAS STORMED THE COURT AGAINST KU TWICE IN TWO YEARS… BUT THE VIDEO EVIDENCE OF A FAN HITTING JAMARI TRAYLOR – AND SELF GETTING CAUGHT IN THE MOB WITH A DEFENSIVE BRUCE WEBER – THROWS THE SAFETY DEBATE INTO OVERDRIVE. Self: “I think court storming is fine but surely you can get security to the point where player safety is not involved like it is over here.” Weber: “I tried to protect Bill as best as I could. Finally, I just said ‘the heck with it’ and I strated pushing people out of the way which is sad. Enjoy it, make the most of it, but also be respectful of your opponent and make sure they get off the court safely.” KANSAS STATE POLICE ARE LOOKING FOR THE FAN WHO HIT TRAYLOR – THE UNIVERSITY SAYS IT’S REVIEWING VIDEO WITH POLICE TO DETERMINE CHARGES TO FILE… JOHN CURRIE SAID THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LAST YEAR’S COURT STORMING AND THIS YEAR’S WAS THAT THE PLAYERS CELEBRATED AT MID COURT – ALLOWING THE FLUORESCENT SHIRTS TO FORM THE BARRIER FOR COACHES TO SHAKE HANDS… THIS YEAR – THE PLAYERS CELEBRATED RIGHT NEAR THE PRESS TABLE – AND SECURITY COULD NOT GET THAT BARRIER ESTABLISHED… THEY WERE ALSO JUST WAY TOO SLOW IN REACTING. SUSAN. OUR TEAM COVERAGE CONTINUES WITH A LOOK AT HOW THE K-STATE INCIDENT IS AFFECTING WICHITA STATE GAMES. ESPECIALLY FOR SATURDAY WHEN E-S- P-N GAME DAY COMES TO TOWN AND THE #11 SHOCKERS TAKE ON #10 NORTHERN IOWA. KAKE’S LILY WU IS HERE WITH HOW WICHITA STATE PLANS TO PROTECT PLAYERS. CHRIS AND SUSAN — WICHITA STATE OFFICIALS TELL ME THEY’RE READY FOR SATURDAY AND THEY’RE ALWAYS PREPARED FOR GAMES WITH A LARGE TURNOUT. “we want to make sure that we are good hosts because when we go on the road, we want to be treated that way as well.” MORE THAN 10-THOUSAND FANS WILL FILL THESE SEATS IN KOCH ARENA ON SATURDAY. AND THE UNIVERSITY SAYS THEIR SECURITY GUARDS AND POLICE WILL BE HERE TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS SAFE. “our focus is always to make sure that our visiting teams and our game officials are able to do their jobs, have a good experience. we hope we beat them. but at the same time, we want them to be able to walk off the court safely. and we want every single person that attends our events to be able to walk home and go home safely.” THE ATHLETICS DEPARTMENT IS REVIEWING PLANS AND PROCEDURES AND SAY THEY’RE ALWAYS KEEPING AN EYE ON THE CROWD. we want to make sure that there’s nothing going on in the crowd where people are getting into arguments or fights and disagreeing with each other. so we always have our eyes everywhere.” ALTHOUGH THE MISSOURI VALLEY CONFERENCE DOES NOT HAVE A POLICY ON STORMING THE COURT — STUDENTS SAY THEY FEEL SAFE KNOWING THE UNIVERSITY HAS A PLAN. “that’s really good of wsu to be prepared. it just makes me feel better as a student that they’re on top of that. but also, i know that it’s exciting as a student when your team wins the game. so that you want to be out there with the players.” UNIVERSITY OFFICIALS ARE HOPING FANS WILL BE MINDFUL OF SAFETY BOTH ON AND OFF THE COURT. we hope people use commonsense. we want everybody to have a great time but they also need to remember when you take the opportunity to storm the court, you may hurt somebody and the last thing we want is anybody to get hurt including one of our own players.” THE UNIVERSITY WILL HAVE REGULAR STAFFING FOR THE GAME. BUT THEY SAY E-S-P-N WILL HAVE

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