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Strategic Pickleball Training-SPT- with Coach Andy G

When you play pickleball are you at the
mercy of your opponents simply returning whatever shot they give you or are you
thinking ahead? Well today I’m here with coach Andy G, Hi Folks and he’s the
founder of strategic pickleball. He’s going to explain to us what it’s all
about and how it’ll help you to play better pickleball. Stay tuned, stay tuned. So tell us where are you going to be traveling this summer Coach Andy? I’m
here in Utah right now but next week I’ll be in Colorado. I’m in Nevada right now. Hey everybody it’s
CJ Johnson. If you’re new to this channel welcome. You’re going to find all things
pickleball from paddles and gear to the latest in equipment to the fitness
that’s going to keep those of us who are over 50 out on the courts playing longer. If you haven’t already done so please hit the subscribe button over here on
the side along with the bell notification that way you’ll know every
time I post a new video. It’s a beautiful day here in Incline Village and passing
through town was Coach Andy G. Welcome glad you’re here. He’s going to share with
us strategic pickleball training so tell me Andy where did this concept come from and what is it about? Well after 40 years of playing
racquetball and squash at a high competitive level and teaching both
sports when I came to pickleball about six years ago I realized that a lot of
people are playing this like it was checkers, kind of like just for fun. And I said where is the challenge? So I realized that a lot of people didn’t
want to move at the Non Volley Zone. I could see a little space to the right
of them and a little space to left and make a little more challenging. So what
I’ve created in strategic pickleball training I made it more like chess
playing pickleball than like checkers. Sounds great let’s find out what it’s
all about. From my 40 years of playing racquetball
and squash we never played the game to give the ball back to someone we always
trying to make the person move. And what I notice in this game from hitting
open-faced shots from the baseline from the deep court a lot of a lot of my
shots are coming right back to this person right here wondering how come
they’re hitting it back to me. Well I’m giving the ball
to them. So what I thought it was I see a little space to my opponents right side
and I see a little space to my opponents left side. And my job was to try to
figure out how to get the ball over there. And I realized that if I did a
crossover move, I could get the ball over the net straight and I could hit the ball
also through the middle with the same shot. Having two shots, two different
shots at the same position wouldn’t make this person a little confused realizing
that I could make the move either way. So let me show you how I do that. I can go
anywhere in USA and watch people just go like this open-face shot they get the
ball here and it comes right to the other person. I’ll show you again comes
right to the person, right in the middle in front of them. What I realized, what I
saw was, I saw a little space as you can see from my markers down right lane and
in the middle. So how can I get a ball there? Well, I do my crossover move which
I learned from racquetball and squash and I’m sure a lot of you tennis players know how to do it. I cross over keeping my feet perpendicular to the sidelines
which locks my hip. I bring my paddle back put my head down and stroke through. Make that person move a little to the right. Hitting that good. Then same shot I
can move it, at the same shot, I can move the ball to the her left. So now I have
her a little confused which way it is Andy going? To my right or to my left.
That’s for them to decide and for me decide at the last second what I want to
do. Now that you got your forehand mastered going down on the right side of
the court, or the even side of the court, I’m going to go to the odd side of the
court and the same forehand holds true. When you get a ball in the middle of the
court and it’s coming down the middle you aim for the middle of court making
that person move a little to their left. And then if you want to get real tricky
you take the ball a little to their left to their other side. So now you’ve
got two shots from this side two shots on that side from the same motion, That’ll give you a lot of ammunition to make your forehand your fierce weapon in
this game. Hopefully now you’ve learned a little bit more about SPT. Coach Andy
you’re traveling the country, you’re out of hot Florida, tell us a little
bit about where you’re going to be for the rest of this summer. Well I’m in Nevada right now on my way going to Utah and then in Colorado with a
friend of mine from Florida. We’re playing in Vail. Hopefully working my way
down toward Santa Fe and then Tulsa Oklahoma, Memphis Tennessee, coming up into Indiana Ohio and Pennsylvania. Probably ending up in North Carolina before
October and then back in South Florida. Man I don’t know about you but that’s a lot of
miles to put on so Coach Andy G maybe coming to your town and he could give a
class SPT to your group. If you’d like to connect with him make sure you look at
the show notes down below I’m going to put his contact information there but you
can also go over to his website, which is CoachAndyG.com. There you go. If you
got value from this video if you wouldn’t mind, you know the
drill thumbs up and share it with your pickleball playing friends. Because together
we can Train Smart, Live Bold and Age Well Do you like that or do you want to
do it again? Let’s do it again. When played a racquetball. I only
could have so many shots but when I played squash it was my array of shots that
would open up and it made me a better thinker. So when I played racquetball
I played racquetball like squash and I played squash like racquetball. I could
hit more power in squash and I had touch. So I had both and that’s one of
the things that excites me about the game is because you can do both. You can do touch,
you could do power you could but you need to have both to really mean really
be good.

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  1. CJ Johnson Posted on August 13, 2018 at 3:12 am

    A few of you have emailed me with some questions. The key points for hitting the shot are 1. Utilize the crossover step to put your hip into place. 2. Bring the paddle back 3. Keep your head down 4. Feel like you are making a pushing motion. This is the basic skill which Andy builds upon. Feel free to reach out to Coach Andy his contact info is in the show notes.

  2. Neil Kesler Posted on August 13, 2018 at 7:10 pm

    Where abouts in Nevada are you !! ?

  3. George Frohlich Posted on September 21, 2018 at 2:42 pm

    Hi Andy… Great video, just came across this video. Enjoyed seeing you in Calgary. Thanks for teaching me your shots…George