January 28, 2020
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Sue Stanley Coxy Masters Games

Okay Coxy, the perfect warm-up.
Stair-climbing, come on, let’s go. Former world aerobics champ Sue Stanley
is getting me into shape for the Australian Masters Games in Geelong next
February Geez you’re blowing a bit. There are 71
sports to choose from at the Masters and it’s Sue’s job to find just one so I can
make my mark. Okay Coxy a bit of fun for you to get fit. Masters
games is all about having fun Let’s go, sit up fun fun. Bang bang. Oh… look at that.
It’s clear I’ve got a long road ahead. Thanks very much
It’s supposed to go over that’s called a net. This could be a long day. What’s the best thing about the masters games? The best part is; a) participating in the fun activity sport,
but more importantly the fun and social side of it. Around 10,000 people are going to be
coming down here to Geelong. Imagine that ten days of partying. You left one thing out. What’s that? You’re in it to win it. No, no no no, it’s about participation. Tell me anybody
who remembers anybody who came fifth. No! the fun is just getting in and
participation No, none of this glory not about winning.
What about the four blokes in front of ya. Sue who’s the game’s ambassador says
you only need to be older than 30 to play. Hey Coxy. Yeah. Tennis is one of
those 71 sports that you get to choose from and hey I reckon this one’s for
you. Looking pretty much okay. Bit I’m a bit concerned about that hat. The hat that’s to put the
money in when we win. Hey Suez, only Federer and I can do that
and maybe Nadal at a push. The way we’re going like forget the Masters I’m thinking Wimbledon. All over Red Rover, come on! Not about winning hey. Mark down tennis now, what
about squash. oh good shot. I think we’re on a winner here See it’s all about participation. You don’t have to win.
It’s not all about winning. No, it is entirely about winning. No no no. Oh Yes! Now that I’ve warmed up time to face up to the cricket ace. Coxy, this is my
mystery ball. I’ve been working on this in my retirement, are you ready for it? Former test batsman Dean Jones is
thinking about making a comeback at the Masters as a bowler. Far shot
oh that’s almost David Garish that. Better not get ahead of myself though. Oh yeah!
You & Richard Hadley are very similar you know why? Why? You’re my only wickets I’ve ever got my life… Well done. You & Richard Hadley, compared to a Kiwi, Well done. Deano reckons cricket is the perfect masters sport. Sir Jack Hobbs made 196
first-class centuries 100 of them was after the age of 40, can you believe that.
So there’s still plenty of things to do and there’s hope for us well maybe for me.
With the batter, I’ve seen you bat Now I’ve seen you bowl, you’re not gonna make the team as a bowler of pal. Netball is another pursuit which
will be a masters favourite. You can keep it off Coxy. Come on, just one throw would be nice. And gee it’s tougher than it looks. Struggling a bit. Yes he is isn’t he.Can’t get it in. But it’s hard to keep a genuine sporting superstar . on for too long. Bingo!
How good was that good. If we we’re playing basketball, but we’re not playing basketball
playing netball. Same thing. Good on you Geelong Susan Meaney played netball for
Australia This could be my debut for masters, a bit
rusty but perfect opportunity down here at home to get back into it. That’s just
what I’m thinking. I might even pull on the boots again. Well, hang on, what’s this? One thing’s for sure there are no easy kicks at these masters
games. Fellas, fella, give us a break. Who’s that guy, that old looking bloke out there in the Melbourne jumper trying to get a kick against our Geelong boys? You know him? Yeah he’s struggling isn’t he. Not gettin’ a kick these guys are
killing him. Geelong President Frank Costa is another game’s ambassador. Hey Frank. Oh it’s you Coxy, I was wondering who the devil that bloke was running around in a Melbourne jumper. I can’t get a kick. They won’t give you one in that jumper pal, put this one on that’s
Patty Scarlett’s jumper it’s amazing what a new jumper does for your self-esteem. If
you’d like to participate in the Masters Games check out my website for all the
info Registration closes on December the
fifth. Here we go… It’s a hard game. What did I kick boys? Six what, six three, six four. oh oh oh … well I’ve got the match ball, haven’t I? That’s about it!

David Frank