January 25, 2020
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Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Highlights  |  Yes Guy Gaming

Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Highlights Yes Guy Gaming hey what’s up gamers this is a ps4
controller come on oh yeah huge slim look you guys gonna celebrate off of
that core change I missed a few times last time got too old and stuff let’s
get a freaking book Oh what are they doing
nice I also have you gonna run out good a strategy oh yes
trend you or me I want you you don’t you sorry oh come on touch go core change
you gotta get that gratuitous shot of the girl changing sides yeah I see what
you doing there I start with serve again okay here we go
pound it down the middle that’s the strap down the middle time for change
yeah yeah core change it matters because we’re inside and the cameras the same
every time anyway I’m gonna put it away for the win down the line what rap cube
I gotta get another chord change Oh from the front this time nice okay here we go
let’s try to not make that rally as long as the last one go well we did it Lance
go for change oh nice shot at I be there yeah that’s what they’re for it’s just
for the boob shot bending down or the a shot the other way what do you thinking
dude oh oh sorry Lance oh oh I guess the block up gets hit right in the face concentrate need that for change though
wait where’s it or there’s a guy go whoa that bump over I’ll block again you guys
gonna do a cool Sally to the falling for change
I got slammed working the core change oh they got
first serve I see how it is sky ball indoors good start down to the line that’s never happened to me before oh
yeah we gotta get that chord change it cracks me up every time that chord
change like what’s it for else I will player guess ooh
what don’t forget to subscribe go subscribe bitches alright well there you
have it gamers not exactly the result we wanted but we still had lots of fun hope
you had just as much fun watching as we did getting our asses kicked yes guy
gaming for life Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Highlights Yes Guy Gaming

David Frank



  1. Ecdreamz Posted on May 25, 2019 at 2:09 am

    Lolol this is great. I love that dudes flowing ponytail braids lol