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Table Tennis Tips for Beginners “How To Hold Table Tennis Paddle”

Welcome to EmRatThich channel. Today is the 5th Ping Sunday. I will explain the last and the most important
keypoint/tips of a table tennis grip and also the Reverse Penhold grip based on chinese
coaching. The first 2 keypoints of holding a table tennis
racket has been explained in the previous video: Use the muscle group 2 to hold your
racket, and a compact grip will increase the freedom of the wrist. I will explain in this video the last keypoint
in the “3 principles to have a good table tennis grip”. This keypoint is the most important as it
is the key of “explosiveness” in Chinese philosophy about table tennis stroke. This keypoint is less emphasized in the Western
table tennis coaching program. But if you master this keypoint, the quality
(spin+speed) of your stroke will increase dramatically. but firstly, as usual. I want to communicate with you. I really want to know which table tennis topics
interest you the most. Thank you for voting your topic. Based on your votes, the most favorite topic
is “technique” with 47 likes, 22 comments; the second is “tactics” with 21 likes, 11
comments. so I will concentrate more on your favorite
topics: table tennis techniques and table tennis tactics. I also switch topic every month as proposed
by Richard Garcia. I really want to know where you are come from. Which language does my audience speak? You come from: US, Germany, India, UK, Brazil,
Australia, Russia, Philippines, Vietnam, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, etc. Top 10 languages spoken: English, Indonesian,
Italian, Spanish, German, Vietnamese, Hindi, Filipino, Arabic, Korean. If you come from another country not shown
here, let me know by commenting below. I really want to know more about you. I let my video open so that everybody can
contribute the subtitles / close caption in his favorite language. You are automatically credited and
your name will appear in the video’s description. I hope that you can help another people who
don’t understand English by adding the video’s subtitle [CC] in your mother language. Now, let’s talk about the 3rd principle of
“How to hold a table tennis racket” Do you know this Chinese guy? He is Xu Ruifeng, Chinese table tennis team
player, ITTF World Junior Championship 2007. Why his ball is very fast and powerful? It’s a combination of several factors: his
technique, his racket, his rubber. But look at the way how he holds his racket. Have you mentioned something? He holds his racket loosely. Before receive the ball, he loosens his grip
and you can see that he always drops the head of his racket down. His racket is rather heavy, and by holding
only by the muscle group 2, his racket always points downward before any stroke. You can see that he shakes his racket a little
before receiving the ball. Why? It’s just a normal sign of the “relax phase”. Before hitting the ball, you should be relaxed. Do you remember the 3 phases “Relax, Explode,
Relax” which I have explained you before? However, there is one thing that you cannot
see in the video. That’s how he applies the pressure on the
blade. It’s impossible to see this aspect, even in
real match unless the player or the coach tells you the secret. This is the 3rd keypoint I will show you now. but wait ! Toni has shared his experiences
of how to hold the racket correctly. Spyro Fury also shared his moment of trying
the muscle group 2 to hold his racket. –>the moment of “cracking
sound” 🙂 And now, the 3rd keypoint: it is all about
the thumb, the index finger, and how to apply pressure. That is also the question of Nikola: placement
of the thumb. That is also the question of Ratz: the thumb
position and pressure. This is a very good question. The coach in his club didn’t answer him. Firstly, your thumb must be put here, on the
edge of the handle. This place on the handle is designed to put
your thumb on. That’s why every table tennis handle (Straight,
Flare, Conic) must have this edge. This edge is crucial, as it must be flat and
large enough so you can apply the pressure on the thumb. Second, once the thumb position is fixed,
don’t move the thumb. The thumb is the most important landmark / point
of reference in your grip. So don’t move the thumb. However, you can move the index finger. Third, now you must put your index finger
at the opposite side exactly of the thumb position. These 2 positions of the thumb and the index
are very important. As it makes a perfect plier to pinch your
racket. During your BH stroke, you can move your thumb
higher to support your BH stroke, but just after the stroke the thumb must be always
returned to its original position: on the edge. For your FH stroke, you can support your FH
by putting your index finger higher (look at the photo). But your thumb must be fixed, always on the
edge. How about “Applying the pressure” during the
FH and BH stroke? How to apply the pressure during the stroke
is the “heart” of the explosiveness. It’s not new for many chinese coaches. However, not many Western coach or players
know the truth behind it. Applying the pressure at the moment of contact
can dramatically increase the speed + spin of the ball. (It’s like you whip and suddenly pull it back,
the art of whip cracking). All the top chinese players apply the pressure
at the moment of contact. Proof? Show me the proof? Look at the weird face of many top players
at the moment of contact. The neuroscience explained that when you apply
the force on your hand suddenly and strongly, you also use another muscle group including
your face’s muscle. It’s the mechanism of brain signal to several
muscle groups. Now you understand why the table tennis player
has strange face when hitting the ball. It’s because they are trying to add extra
force at the moment of contact by adding the pressure on the grip. Some peoples say that “You press your thumb
during your BH stroke, and press your index finger during your FH stroke”. Others say that you should press both the
thumb and the index finger. but the truth is: for your FH stroke, you
apply the pressure only on your index finger because of the nature of this stroke. This stroke is a long stroke and very powerful,
your thumb does not support this type of stroke. for your BH stroke, you should apply the pressure
on both fingers: index and thumb. As the BH stroke is very quick, explosive
in a short distance. You also use your wrist to rotate quickly. That’s why you must press the 2 fingers to
pinch your racket firmly. If not, the racket will fly away. Can I change the grip during the transition
of BH-FH or FH-BH? Lipinski asked: Can I change my grip when
I switch from FH-BH. For this question, some coaches affirm that
you must use the same grip for both your BH and FH stroke for the reason of consistency. Another coach says that you can change the
grip during the rallies. Chinese philosophy about table tennis grip
allows you to change the grip if you have enough time. For quick rally on the table, you shouldn’t
change the grip. But if you have time (far from the table counter
attack or smashing), you can change the grip. However, you must follow the 3rd principle. You must ensure the thumb position and apply
the pressure at the moment of contact correctly. You can see that, the chinese players change
the grip to optimize the power of his smash. The index finger is moved up, but the thumb
is always at its position. For further information, you can read “How
to use the finger effectively” on Butterfly Magazine. The link is in this video’s description below. That’s it for today. I even don’t have enough time to talk about
the Penhold Grip. I will explain it next Ping Sunday. So the 3rd principle of holding a table tennis
racket based on Chinese philosophy is the most important one of the 3 keypoints:
– Your thumb on the blade is a landmark. Very important! – Index finger combines with thumb finger
to apply pressure – Apply pressure at the moment of contact
is the key for a high quality ball. You should also know where to apply the pressure:
– Move your index finger if you want to support your FH stroke
– Apply the pressure only on the index finger for your FH stroke
– You can move your thumb a little higher for your BH stroke. But your thumb should be always on the edge
– Apply pressure on both thumb and index finger during the BH stroke. It’s the time for you to practice and try
it yourself: – Topspin or push the ball without the finger
pressure as you do usually – Now, press your index and thumb finger at
the moment you contact the ball. You can feel the difference. You will “feel” the ball better now. You can also add the extra power to your shot. Speed and spin will increase. I hope you enjoy this video. I’m very busy and I’m sorry that I couldn’t
answer all of your comment. But I will try my best to give you the coaching
video next Ping Sunday. Please comment and let me know your progress. Your progress motivates me a lot. See you.

David Frank



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  83. Amazing Swag Posted on March 8, 2018 at 8:54 am

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  84. rydmerlin Posted on March 24, 2018 at 1:26 pm

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  85. vinnnywong52 Posted on May 16, 2018 at 3:55 pm

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  86. 채상엽 Posted on May 17, 2018 at 3:38 am

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  90. YASH RANANAWARE Posted on January 11, 2019 at 7:47 pm

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    I actually found this to be true when serving as well, to pinch the racket at the contact with the wrist movement.
    After trying it out today I found two things happened.
    1. The vibration of the blade was sharp and I could feel the contact a lot better.
    2. The quality of the ball increased DRAMATICALLY! Now I will try to use the grip with the thumb at the edge, as your tips clearly are correct.

    I will also upgrade to harder rubbers on fh as my forehand loop is starting to develop at a lightning speed right now.

    I will focus on the finger pressure and feeling of the ball from now on

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