February 17, 2020
  • 5:57 am What’s inside a Kookaburra Cricket Ball?
  • 5:57 am Don’t Do This! 10 Football Boot Mistakes To Avoid. Biggest Soccer Cleats DON’TS!!
  • 5:57 am Ozzy Man Reviews: Cricket Ball Tampering
  • 5:57 am Louis and Harry reacting to them playing football (caution: too much fonding)
  • 5:56 am GVSSR – 04/02/2018 – Lacrosse vs. Indianapolis, McKendree
Mike Stone Crushes Apple With Lacrosse Ball | CoachUp Presents

That’s good. This one’s for America. [cheers] I’m covered in it. Dead on. You’re welcome, America.

Breaking: Bruce Pearl still refusing to interview with Auburn officials and legal counsel

Bruce Pearl still refusing to interview with Auburn officials and legal counsel AUBURN – Bruce Pearl is still refusing to interview with Auburn officials and university legal counsel. While the Tigers fourth-year head coach said in a media conference Wednesday that’s his staff has done “a lot of things” to resolve the school’s ongoing investigation […]

White House Officials Split On Whether Trump Should Pull Out Of Paris Climate Deal

White House Officials Split On Whether Trump Should Pull Out Of Paris Climate Deal BY KAITLAN COLLINS Senior administration officials are split down the middle over whether the president should keep or break his campaign promise to pull the United States out of the Paris climate deal. Though Donald Trump�s top policy advisers were scheduled […]

Was Bundy Ranch Attack A Harry Reid Inspired Hit?

richard viguerie is on the line with us the commentator founder the conservative headquarters author of the new book takeover conservative HQ dot com is website many folks have the suggested that mister perry is one of the founders of the modern day conservative movement I would I would not disagree with that are I’m […]

運動去 – 挑戰壁球!Let’s Play Racquetball.

Hi We are looking for the place to play Racquetball right now I never played before I saw my friend playing, it seems fun But we are lost lol We can’t find it I believe across the street is the parking lot You can see the Center City from here Finally! This place is super […]


let’s go to some your voicemails 2192 David P two voicemails on the Scott lively interview from two days ago listen husky from Alabama first time I’ve ever called in and I just saw your today conversation wait %uh Scott lively no I don’t want to commend you every time I see you talking to […]

Los Angeles 4K – Venice Beach – Driving Downtown USA

Tour Highlights: Venice Beach Venice Canals Street Art Ocean Park Santa Monica

The Story Behind Bob Beamon’s Long Jump Olympic Record | Olympics On The Record

This is American long jumper Bob Beamon, on the track, about to attempt his first jump in the final of the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City. Beamon was a gifted athlete, who discovered his talent while at reform school in New York City. Out! For this young man, it had been a long journey […]

The Rules of Softball – EXPLAINED!

Ninh Explains the Rules of Softball The object of the game is for your team to score more runs than the opposing team. Softball is a variation of the game of Baseball, and the rules are very similar with some significant differences. Firstly, the field is generally a lot smaller. And the equipment used is […]

Tupac Talks Donald Trump & Greed in America in 1992 Interview | MTV News

– This world is such a, and when I say this world I mean it, I don’t mean in ideal sense, I mean in everyday, every little thing you do. It’s such a gimme gimme gimme! Everybody back off, you know everybody’s taught that from school. Everywhere, big business, you want to be successful, you […]