February 17, 2020
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The Finale –  Felix vs TOP 10 GB player Raff – who ultimately wins?

Hi guys, Felix from the tennis Brothers here – today is part 3 of Felix vs. Raff 10 point tie break. I won the first one. Raff won the second one. We are now battling it out so see who wins overall. M or W? So guys – two all. Raff is hitting some really […]

SIMPLE Tennis Footwork Drill For FASTER Feet – The “Split Step”

– Hey guys, Scott and Nate from Playyourcourt.com and today we’re gonna teach you this simple secret to faster feet, the split step. Alright guys, so today we’re talking about the split step. To be clear, this video is for players of the Play Your Court rating of 79 and below. If you’re not in […]

David Beckham’s son Romeo plays tennis with Andy Murray

His father maybe be a footballing icon, but it looks like Romeo Beckham has his eye on a future in tennis. And the 13-year-old has had a hit with World No.2 Andy Murray to help him on his way. “I think it is great for any young kid to have great role models in sport […]

Felix vs Raff- who is a  Top 10 GB Junior Pro Player

Hello everybody, it’s Felix here from the tennis Brothers and today we are bringing you another 10 point tie break video. I’m here today with my friend Raff who is a Top 10 under 16 Great Britain player. It will be a good match today. It is raining pretty badly but you got to deal […]