September 23, 2019
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Un défaut de fabrication sur le cours n°4

On the court, there was also the problem with court no. 4. Roland-Garros Modernisation Project Manager When we built court no. 4 in the early 1990s there was a slight construction defect. Not a lot of people noticed, but one or two players remarked: “the lines aren’t right.” “When I serve from one side I […]

Racquetball Strategy : Racquetball Strategy: Ceiling Ball Returns

OKay. Court positioning when returning a ceiling ball. A lot of times, right after a good serve, your opponent’s going to hit a ceiling ball. Sometimes you can anticipate getting back far enough when you know they’re going to hit a ceiling. It’s great to look over your shoulder, see if they’re lining up to […]

PUMA Basketball’s Resurgence Begins with the Clyde Court Disrupt

Jumma basketballs resurgence begins with the client port disrupts the return of a familiar competitor humor announcements returned to the basketball world this week with the signings of bean rakitin and Marvin Beckett I will also join WNBA star Skylar Diggins Smith additionally those top prospects will be joined by jay-z who has been named […]

How to Play Racquetball : The Drive Serve in Racquetball

So now we’re going to discuss the drive serve. This serve is the most aggressive serve in racquetball, where you’re hitting the ball pretty much as hard as you possibly can, very low, just crossing the short line, without hitting the back wall. Again, you’re trying to get your opponent, the person returning the serve, […]

Racquetball Strategies : Patience Tips on Racquetball

Everybody feels like they have to rush and stream these shots and just hustle and rip and everything because this sport is so fast. It doesn’t mean that you can’t slow everything down and regain control of these rallies. Because the balls so fast, it’s a misconception like everything needs to move fast. You need […]

Racquetball Strategies : Size Up a Racquetball Opponent

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, tournament player, or a league player you always want to size up your opponent. The best strategy is to look at your opponent and see what kind of player they are. You know physically, if they’re somebody you can tell that’s not very fast take advantage of them. You’re trying […]

Racquetball Strategy : Racquetball Strategy: Doubles I-Formation

We’re talking about some court positioning when playing doubles. A lot of people play, I’d say most people play side to side. So we got the guy that’s on the right, playing over here forehand side. Then the guy on the left, hitting backhand, will be playing side to side. So both players playing side […]

Spanish princess officially charged in corruption case

And turning now to Europe. A Spanish court has formally charged Princess Cristina and her husband… as part of a corruption investigation into the royal family. Paul, what are the exact charges? The provincial court… in Palma de Mallorca… said that it upheld two counts of fraud and money laundering against Princess Cristina de Borbon,… […]

Racquetball Strategy : Racquetball Strategy: Positioning After Z-Serves

We’re talking about your court positioning after you hit a Z-serve. Very, very common mistake that people make is they do the full spin after they hit the Z-serve, because it’s natural to make that movement. Everybody hears that we need to look back and check what our opponent’s doing, but you can’t just turn […]

Racquetball Strategy : Racquetball Strategy: Cutting Off Serves

Court positioning when cutting off a serve. Again, we’ve talked about standing a racquet’s length away, here prepared for the serve. They hit a lob serve, I want to be aggressive, I want to come up and cut off that ball. The court positioning is key because there’s a little line here, the dotted line, […]