September 17, 2019
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How to Play Lacrosse : Passing the Ball in Lacrosse

This is Tamir Elterman on behalf of expert In this clip I am going to be talking about passing. Passing with stance. To begin you want to stand facing the player who you intend to throw the ball to. Your feet are offset so if you are left-handed your right foot is in front […]

How to Play Lacrosse : Face Offs in Lacrosse

Hi! This is Tamir Elterman on behalf of and in this clip we will be talking about the face off. The face off starts the action at the beginning of the game, each quarter, half and after each goal is scored. Face off, the basic stance. A player begins a face off by gripping […]

How to Play Lacrosse : Scooping a Ground Ball

This is Tamir Elterman on behalf of expert and in this clip we will be talking about the ground ball. Once you reach the ball several motions working in concert to complete the scoop. You bend at the knees and move your mid section lower to the ground. You then extend the stick head […]

Racquetball Strategy : Racquetball Strategy: Positioning After Z-Serves

We’re talking about your court positioning after you hit a Z-serve. Very, very common mistake that people make is they do the full spin after they hit the Z-serve, because it’s natural to make that movement. Everybody hears that we need to look back and check what our opponent’s doing, but you can’t just turn […]

Advanced Tennis Serves : Practicing Consistent Tennis Serves

Okay, consistency once again is a weapon in serving as well as in every other facet of the game. So, once you’ve develop some skills with serving, we want to see how many in a row can I get into the service box. So you don’t even have to hit a target or anything as […]

The Rules of Bandy – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Bandy The object of the game is for your team to score more goals than the opposing team. To score a goal, a player must use their stick and shoot the ball into the goal. Bandy is a European game played with two teams of 16, with 11 players taking […]

Squash Movement Drills : Squash Movement Drills: Watching Ball on Backhand Recovery

We have already covered the backhand side. How do you move back to the tee after you have made a backhand in the back court? Well what I’ve found is that I learned that this was a great lesson I got from a great coach and one of the things I learned that I was […]

Basic Squash Drills : Squash Deep Backhands

Ok, the backhand full drive, this is, we’re virtually at the back wall. My goal is to hit the ball at the red line on the front wall and get it to come back and get a rhythm going. So the key here is getting a good shoulder turn so I can use my body […]

The Rules of Softball – EXPLAINED!

Ninh Explains the Rules of Softball The object of the game is for your team to score more runs than the opposing team. Softball is a variation of the game of Baseball, and the rules are very similar with some significant differences. Firstly, the field is generally a lot smaller. And the equipment used is […]

How to Play Lacrosse : Roll Dodge & Split Dodge in Lacrosse

This is Tamir Elterman on behalf of In this clip we will be talking about dodging. Regardless of your position on the field its important that everybody on the field knows the fundamentals to a good dodge. The roll dodge beginning the roll. The purpose of the roll dodge is to gain attacking space […]