September 23, 2019
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  • 12:50 pm 2 sets of triplets graduating from Niles McKinley High School
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  • 5:50 am Golf Tips for Practicing at Home : Golf Wiffle Balls Practice Tips
  • 4:50 am News24 – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer backs Paul Pogba’s new approach to penalties

My mom told me everyday To always be careful of guys Because love is like playing with fire That can get you hurt, eh My mom might be right Because when I see you, my heart fires up My attraction towards you is greater than the fear, eh I can’t stop this rush On and […]

Liverpool News:  Liverpool fans love what Georginio Wijnaldum did as Holland beat Germany last night

 Georginio Wijnaldum impressed Liverpool fans during the international break as the midfielder grabbed an assist and goal for Holland as they beat Germany in a crucial qualifying match for next year’s European Championship  Germany got off to a better start in the game when former Arsenal winger, Serge Gnabry, gave them an early lead after just […]

Ines and Erwann: Together Against Every Prejudice | A Game for Two

I’m Ines Boubakri, bronze medal of Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Fencing is a family matter. I started with my mother when I was younger. She was my first coach. Then over time the mother/daughter relationship started to get tense, so she stepped aside and I started working with other fencing masters. My name is Erwann […]

Stefania & Gabriele: It All Started in the Pool | A Game for Two

I’m Stefania Pirozzi, Olympic swimmer, European Champion in the 4×200. When I was two, I almost drowned because my rubber ring tipped over, so for a while I preferred not to swim and dedicated myself to dance, then my dad dragged me into this sport and I liked it right from the start. I’m Gabriele […]

Sophie & Robbert: The Hockey Couple Who Can’t Stay Apart | A Game for Two

I am Sophie Polkamp. I am an ex-hockey player and I won the Olympics twice. When I was nine, my parents made me play hockey. I wasn’t so keen on that. My sister and brothers played hockey, so it was logical I would, too. So then I really started to enjoy it. My name is […]

Closer than a Photo-finish – The Love Story of Nicola & Reto | A Game For Two

My name is Nicola Spirig and I won the gold medal at the Olympics in London and the silver medal at the Olympics in Rio four years later. I’m Reto Hug, European champion, twice World Champion and three times part of the Olympic games. My first competition was outside of school, I was 16 and, […]

Elodie & Valentin: Five Sports and a Bit of Foolishness | Game for Two

My name is Elodie Clouvel, I’m an Olympic Vice-Champion in modern pentathlon at Rio. I started modern pentathlon after a career as a swimmer. I was also lucky to be part of a family of high-level athletes. That’s why I have good bases in running. My name is Valentin Belaud, I practise modern pentathlon and […]

Anja and Gro are Teammates in Handball and in Love | A Game for Two

I’m Gro Hammerseng-Edin. I’m a handball player and I’m an Olympic champion. I started playing handball when I was ten years old and I started because a friend I really looked up to asked if I wanted to come to practice with her. My name is Anja Hammerseng-Edin and I’m a handball player. I started […]