September 23, 2019
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  • 5:50 am Golf Tips for Practicing at Home : Golf Wiffle Balls Practice Tips
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Tennis Agility Drills : Side Stepping Tennis Backhand Drills

Okay, on this one Ken’s going to demonstrate how to hit the backhand up the line. So he’s going to do a side step, so let’s see a couple of side steps, Ken. Side step, side step, back to the middle. Okay, side step again and back to the middle. Okay now you’re going to […]

Tennis Approach Shots : When to Hit with Backspin in Tennis

We’re going to cover here approach shots. So getting to the net, which I think is an under used, under utilized skill in tennis today. If you play doubles, you’ve got to get to the net, and in singles, Pete Sampres was a great net player, Patrick Rafter was a great net player, John McEnrow […]

Advanced Tennis Serves : Working on a Second Serve in Tennis

Okay, in tennis, if you’ve missed your first serve which happens even to the pros about forty percent of the time and at the amateur level, more than that, you have to have a good second serve. So, one of the best drills to work on that; is we serve from near the fence which […]

How to Play Lacrosse : Lacrosse Penalties Explained

Hi! this is Tamir Elterman on behalf of expert and in this clip we are going to talk about penalties. I am going to go through the different penalties and show you what a referee might signal in order for you to be able to easily recognize those when watching or playing a game. […]

Cross-Court Tennis Shots : Training Tips for the Tennis Cross-Court Game

O.k. In tennis they have what’s called junior rackets. But nobody likes to play with a junior racket when they’re an adult. So I’ve dug out my old racket ball racket. And the purpose here is, because it’s short. This will help you to learn to how volley and hit against the wall. As in […]

Top 5 Nastiest Rivalries in Sports – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Top 5 Nastiest Rivalries in All of Sports Everyone has witnessed some heated rivalries in their favourite sports. But there are some that are more than just mutual disdain. In some cases, these particular rivals go out of their way to hurt their opponents in one form or another. Here are the […]

Advanced Tennis Serves : Tossing a Tennis Ball for a Power Serve

Okay, tossing the ball to different spots allows you to hit different serves. So, if I want to hit a very powerful first serve, my toss is going to be more in front and it’s going to be a little higher so I can reach up and give it a good crack and that will […]

JAM – The Roller Derby Card Game – 1 : Explications des règles / Basic rules

Hello ! JAM is a roller derby card game for two players (or two teams of players). Each player/team is a “coach” who directs a team of nine players. The goal of the game is for your jammer to win the most points by doing laps around the track while avoiding being blocked by the […]

How to Play Lacrosse : Passing the Ball in Lacrosse

This is Tamir Elterman on behalf of expert In this clip I am going to be talking about passing. Passing with stance. To begin you want to stand facing the player who you intend to throw the ball to. Your feet are offset so if you are left-handed your right foot is in front […]

Cross-Court Tennis Shots : Hitting Cross-Court Tennis Forehands

Ok in this segment, I’m going to throw the ball cross court to Ken. He’s going to hit a cross court forehand, so the beauty of this, is he has to be ready for every shot, but as soon as he knows that it’s a cross court, he has to position himself to hit the […]