November 20, 2019
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Paralympic Sports A-Z: Wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair Tennis is a technical and tactical sport, very similar to its Olympic counterpart and is played by athletes in more than 100 countries. The most significant difference to Olympic tennis is the ‘two-bounce rule”, whereby a player can allow the ball to bounce twice and must return it before a third bounce. The second […]

The Rules of Tennis – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Tennis Tennis, is a game played as singles (where one person plays against one person) or doubles (where two people play against two people). The object of the game is for you or your team to score more points and to win sets faster than the opposing player or team. […]

How to Play Beach Volleyball

How to Play Beach Volleyball. Batting a ball back and forth while you’re barefoot on the beach is a fun way to get some exercise. Get started with these basic rules. You will need A beach or beach volleyball court A volleyball A volleyball net At least four players and a coin. Step 1. Find […]

Volley Program Trailer | Volleyball

Sikana Presents With the expertise of the French Volleyball Federation Discover Volleyball Rules Essential techniques Exercises The rules, essential techniques and exercises Find all 46 free videos on

Service Rules | PingSkills | Table Tennis

We all want to have a fantastic serve but it’s no use going to a tournament and getting faulted all the time so you need to know the rules. The first rule I want you to know about is that you must have a flat hand when serving and the ball must be in the […]

Officiate Texas – Jerheme Urban Discusses Respect for Officials

It’s kind of like life, right? I mean, you know for for life to operate smoothly, you should try to operate within some sort of boundaries. Find out what those boundaries are and operate freely and to your best ability within those. And the same thing with the game. You know, we’ve got to manage […]

Top 5 Nastiest Rivalries in Sports – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Top 5 Nastiest Rivalries in All of Sports Everyone has witnessed some heated rivalries in their favourite sports. But there are some that are more than just mutual disdain. In some cases, these particular rivals go out of their way to hurt their opponents in one form or another. Here are the […]

How to Play Squash

How to Play Squash. Squash is a fast-paced game, so keep your eyes on the ball and follow these simple steps. You will need A squash racket A squash ball A squash court and an opponent. Step 1. Hold the racket with a tight grip. Hit the ball onto the front wall above the service […]

JAM – The Roller Derby Card Game – 1 : Explications des règles / Basic rules

Hello ! JAM is a roller derby card game for two players (or two teams of players). Each player/team is a “coach” who directs a team of nine players. The goal of the game is for your jammer to win the most points by doing laps around the track while avoiding being blocked by the […]

Racquetball Strategy : Racquetball Strategy: Ceiling Ball Returns

OKay. Court positioning when returning a ceiling ball. A lot of times, right after a good serve, your opponent’s going to hit a ceiling ball. Sometimes you can anticipate getting back far enough when you know they’re going to hit a ceiling. It’s great to look over your shoulder, see if they’re lining up to […]