March 30, 2020
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Squash – Side to Side – Level 6B

side to side level 6b I forgot to mention previously in level 6a but for both level 6 videos I recommend using a blue dot ball now I actually two reasons for this first of all it’s really difficult to keep a ball warm during this drill the second reason is that I find using […]

The “T” in Squash : The “T” in Squash: 1-step Backhand

Ok, covering the court with one step, I want to be able to get to the back of the front-court, the mid-court, and the front of the back-court. So, if I’m under extreme pressure, I don’t have time to really do anything except step and react. So, this type of movement drill, I want you […]

Squash tips: Playing in hot court conditions – Hitting different parts of the ball

If you’re on a court where the ball is pinging around everywhere, it’s boiling hot and it’s really hard to get it dying in the corners and you come in and you start hitting the ball very flat, what happens to the shot is the ball will just go straight and it will have no […]

Squash – Side to Side Progressions – Level 1B

side to side level one be similar to level one a before jumping to this challenge make sure you’re comfortable with your backhand technique I’ll leave a link to my video on the basic backhand in the description just in case you want a refresher standing in the middle of the court step forward and […]

Squash Stretches & Training Exercises : Strengthening the Upper Body for Squash

Okay, one of the best exercises that you can do for the upper body are push ups. If you don’t have time to do a lot of weight lifting or not into it, if you could do some push ups every day you’ll be amazed. Because when you hit a squash ball, yes, the legs […]

Syed Raza playing Squash, Ontario finals (1999)


Squash tips: No lets with Lee Drew – What is a no let?

In this section we’re going to look at the no let and the different scenarios that might lead to a no let being awarded. So there’s a few scenarios we need to think about and we’ve talked about them a lot in terms of swing interference, front wall interference and then the basic interference and […]

Squash Shot Tips : Squash Shots Off of the Back Wall

Okay, there are times in Squash; so I’m at the tee, and my opponent’s hit a pretty good shot, or the ball doesn’t have much pace on it, or a variety of reasons. And all I can do is move back, and hit it off the back wall, and try, hopefully that I can get […]

Squash Serve Returns : Squash Serve Returns: Straight Drop Backhand

Okay, on this serve return drill I’m going to give Gary a serve to his backhand and he’s going to hit a straight drop shot into that corner up there. If he executes this well, it’s going to be hard for me to get to it or it’s going to be hard for me to […]

The “T” in Squash : The “T” in Squash is Important

Okay, in squash, we have concept, the T. So, you can see right here why it’s called the T. So, in squash, if you can get to the T, you can get to virtually every ball. If you’ve been watching some of the segments we’ve put together, you can see that from the T you […]