September 23, 2019
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Basic Squash Drills : Squash Butterfly Volley

Okay, now we’re going to do the butterfly drill/ figure 8 without letting the ball bounce so it’s going to work on your volley. It’s a little tougher to do, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t do it at first. But what I want you to notice is once again, how I keep the […]


So this next video is going to look at the next option, so your opponent is still doing a forehand loopy serve, the reason the forehand loopy serve is slightly different from the backhand, the angles are slightly different, you’ll notice as the ball is coming in it’s going to push into that sidewall a […]


The skid boast is when your opponent has put you deep into the corner and you actually have some options and so the skid boast is you are going to take a ball and you are going to hit it high off the side wall and then it is going to hit the middle of […]

Karakal Raw 120 – Squash Racket Review

Jason here from the pursuit of squash in this video I will be presenting my review of the Karakal Raw 120 racket Karakal’s goal with this racket was to provide a lightweight and cost-effective racket for players that prefer something in the 120 gram range their site mentions that they even cut down on paint […]

Squash: Erik vs Eric 28 okt

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Squash tips: The learning journey with Hadrian Stiff – Technical areas

So far we’ve talked through or I’ve talked through the value of the warm-up and how that will connect the brain and body together and prepare individuals to really be functioning at their best. Then to this sort of first phase of ball striking, thinking about rhythm and timing and ease and efficiency, no real […]

Squash Coaching – Move like Ali Farag

We quite often hear the saying that squash players, the professional ones, make the the court look quite small and I don’t think the main reason behind this is that they’re necessarily faster I think they move more efficiently on court than amateurs and I think this is the main differentiation with regards to movement […]

Meleg szemmel 23. – A fal adja a másikat… | Let’s Play Squash!

THROUGH GAY EYES Episode 23 Let’s Play Squash! We’re visiting one of the newest divisions of the Atlasz Sports Club, the squash division. We’re talking to division leader Milán. When was the division founded and where did the idea of starting a squash division come from? Hi. We started the division in February this year. […]

Squash Terminology : Squash Terms: Boast Backhand

Now we’re going to show you the backhand boast so my opponent has put me into a corner and I just hit the ball off the side wall, front wall, side wall and that is a three court boast, or three wall boast or there is a two wall boast where I am going to […]

How to Play Squash

How to Play Squash. Squash is a fast-paced game, so keep your eyes on the ball and follow these simple steps. You will need A squash racket A squash ball A squash court and an opponent. Step 1. Hold the racket with a tight grip. Hit the ball onto the front wall above the service […]