October 21, 2019
  • 5:17 pm Lincoln health officials seeing unprecedented number of whooping cough cases
  • 5:17 pm News Conference: Rhode Island, Duke, Villanova, Alabama – Preview
  • 5:17 pm Nevenhoven hoping for a big October finish to the tennis season
  • 5:17 pm tennis racket stringing: advanced tips + how to use a single clamp machine
  • 5:17 pm This or That: David Kisiel (GCU Volleyball)
Tennis World Tour – Developer Diary Capturing Tennis Trailer Nintendo Switch Full HD

Animations are a core element of making a tennis game and one of the tools to get them right is motion capturing. In this developer diary creative director Etienne Jacquemain takes us behind the scenes of a very special mocap session – not in studio, but on a real tennis court with a professional player. […]

AO International Tennis Developer Diary: Overview

AO International Tennis is international because it has the international super stars of tennis. AO International Tennis has multiple locations and stadiums around the world, so we’ve got London, New York, Paris. We’ve got Rod Laver Arena, we have some of the short courts over there at Melbourne Park. You can also make your own […]

Amazing Blind Tennis Players!

Tennis is all about hand eye coordination and I thought if you take away the eye part of it how can you play tennis? There are a lot of things we tend to take for granted. For example, my sight. They have never seen a Roger Federer swinging the racket. Playing soundball tennis, you will […]

Picking a Tennis Racket: The Truth Not Marketing (Part 1 of 4)

Hey guys, I’m Clay Ballard with Top Speed Tennis, in this next series of videos we’re going to talk about rackets, and how to set up your racket. What’s the best racket for you, what’s going to get you the most power, the most spin, the most control, and really picking a racket that’s right […]

How to Beat a Pusher | Tennis Lessons
3 Strategy Mistakes You’re Making As A Beginner Tennis Player [Part 1]
Williams Sisters are the near Perfect Tennis Pair | The Olympics On The Record

You join us in the second set of the semifinals of the women’s doubles tennis competition at London 2012. Russia versus the United States. The winner goes through to the gold-medal match. What a great tie we have here today. Here’s Maria Kirilenko and Nadia Petrova of Russia and they’re up against the might of […]

The Finale –  Felix vs TOP 10 GB player Raff – who ultimately wins?

Hi guys, Felix from the tennis Brothers here – today is part 3 of Felix vs. Raff 10 point tie break. I won the first one. Raff won the second one. We are now battling it out so see who wins overall. M or W? So guys – two all. Raff is hitting some really […]

4 Speed Ladder Exercises That Will Improve Your Footwork | Tennis Conditioning

Hello guys and good morning. Today we are going to show you some speed ladder exercises that you can do with your athletes. Alexander is going to perform them and I’m going to give you some information about the drill, how they are called and what they are for and so forth so you have […]

Tennis Drill – Large Groups – Kill it

Kill it! a fun drill for large groups by Edgar Giffenig 8 to 16 players form two teams across the net. The player spread out on the court one player start the point with a lob after that both teams try to set and easy ball behind the service line to one of their teammates […]