November 19, 2019
  • 11:43 am Lacrosse w/ Taylor Nissi & Nick Schmidt | Lacrosse
  • 11:43 am The Politician | Official Trailer | Netflix
  • 11:43 am Paradise School Officials Trying To Get Students Back On Track After Camp Fire
  • 11:43 am HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Lacrosse doubles up Cornell
  • 11:43 am Sudsy Monchik Racquetball Training
HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Lacrosse doubles up Cornell

he will feed goalie left to Donnelly Donnelly has an angle passed back door instead lefty shot score Justin Scott from the right let’s fly number six of the Year Hobart scores first he comes down the alley it’s Hancock in front holds a shoots actually was Scotty missed just wide quick back up Aslanian […]

Asics Handballschuhe 2019/20 – Ein Überblick

Hello and welcome to a new overview video on! Around Asics it was quiet for a long time. Now the Japanese are turning up a bit again and bring here an indoor range with some new stuff. What it is we show you in detail. We have split the range again into speed models […]

Choosing a Table Tennis Net | PingSkills

When you’re considering your table tennis equipment we always talk about your table tennis bat and the balls and we also talk about the tables but one thing that is often overlooked is the table tennis net. With these older types of nets you can make some adjustments but as you can see it’s quite […]

Gallaudet Women’s Volleyball Enters NCAA Playoffs for 5th Straight Year

For the 5th straight year Gallaudet University’s Women’s volleyball team has won the North Eastern Athletics Conference. I caught up with the team as they head into the first game of the NCAA Division 3 playoffs. (Team cheering) Julia: “With a great coach and a great team we always manage to find a way into […]

How To Choose Table Tennis Shoes

Welcome back to my channel. A place to learn table tennis correctly and with fun. A player asked me “What is the best table tennis shoe to buy?” So, today, we discuss how to choose your best table tennis shoe. But first of all, I want to announce a great news! Now you can learn […]

2018 Elmira College Women’s Volleyball Season Preview

Practice and preseason have been going well so far I think everyone came in ready to work hard. We were kind of disappointed with last year how we didn’t make it to the E8’s so I know that’s an end goal for everyone and we want to work hard to accomplish that and it shows […]

Denison Men’s Lacrosse Wrap-Up vs. Salisbury (NCAA Final Four)

BRANDON MORGAN: Denison men’s lacrosse season is over as they fall in the Final Four to Salisbury, 12-11. We caught up with the Will Donahue, Liam Rooney and head coach Mike Caravana. MIKE CARAVANA: It was a wonderful game certainly, we showed a lot of heart and a lot of determination which I think that […]

Timber Tennis: Versus – Launch Trailer | PS4

Remember Timberman, the game that conquered the hearts of millions of gamers all over the world? Meet Timber Tennis: Versus, a new addition to the Timberman family. Meet all his old and new friends And take part in the annual Timber Tennis World Championships. Compete with your friends in versus mode or beat the single-player […]

How to Play Volleyball : Volleyball Safety Tips

Hello, this is Keith Sewell on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, we’re going to talk about volleyball safety, how to stay safe playing volleyball. It’s very important that before you start playing volleyball, every time you play, you go ahead and stretch and have a good stretching session. Spend about 20-30 minutes stretching […]

Firing a 2 inch Gun at 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

GAV: Hello, I’m Gav. DAN: I’m Dan. GAV: We’re the Slow Mo Guys. DAN: Gav, I was in the Army for about seven years… GAV: Yeah, you were Dan. DAN: … which means that I’ve got a lot of experience firing different types of guns…. GAV: Yeah. DAN: … and just before we did […]