October 21, 2019
  • 6:17 pm Homemade Lacrosse Ball Massage Tool I keep in My Car – Massage Monday #157
  • 6:17 pm Shoremen Lacrosse Series – Episode 3 (Produced by Shore Studios)
  • 6:17 pm Skagit County health officials using surveys to educate teens, parents on dangers of drinking
  • 6:17 pm Four people escape house fire on southeast side
  • 6:17 pm BBC Sport Manchester City 6 3 Arsenal
WHAT IS THIS!?!?  | Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune Beach Volleyball Gameplay Episode 3

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune Beach Volleyball Yes Guy Gaming Spike Volleyball here we go partner I’m gonna get you a block here under answer really get that shit out of here I was all all over that damn that goes straight down past hello fat yes guy gaming we’re back playing Dead or […]

volleyball world championship 2018 highlights

Rising star V/S I.T , The Univesity of Haripur

CGRundertow SUMMER HEAT BEACH VOLLEYBALL for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

What up Undertoads and toadettes, if I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’m a huge fan of gaming nights with your friends, and this game is right up there in my personal favorites when it comes to playing with a roomful of people looking for bragging rights. I am totally in love with games where you […]

Volleyball Explained: High Ball in Transition

What are the options of a volleyball team in transition? What is the best way to organise our counterattack? Should we risk each time and try to put the ball as close as possible to the net or just leave it high in the middle of the court and play a high ball at the […]

George Brown Huskies Women’s Volleyball

[music] HEATHER LOCHHEAD: I wanted to join the George Brown volleyball team because I’ve always wanted to play varsity volleyball and I also saw it as a great opportunity to get trained by Dana Cooke. [music] DANA COOKE: My favourite part about being the head volleyball coach here at George Brown is getting to work […]

Golden Bears Volleyball Season Preview

It’s a new year and a new attitude for the Golden Bears volleyball team. Following a disappointing quarterfinal exit to Thompson River and a fourth place finish at nationals. The bears are looking to take what they learned last season and apply it to this year. ” We were pretty grateful our opportunity last year […]

NET FLIPPERS AND BOUNCES!!!  | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 16

Spike Volleyball Gameplay Career Mode Yes Guy Gaming Pro Volleyball PS4 Xbox One PC Steam Spike Volleyball okay let’s see how many aces I can rattle off do you see the last episode hello and welcome back to Jess guy gaming we’re back playing spike volleyball it’s been a little bit since I played this […]

Court Positions | Volleyball Lessons
How to Play Volleyball : Types of Sets in Volleyball

Hello, my name is Keith Sewell on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, we’re going to look at the types of sets in volleyball. A one set is a set one or two feet above the net and hit as the ball is still rising, usually set to the middle hitter. This is a […]

Yumilka Ruiz [CUB] on the battle for Volleyball gold at Sydney 2000

I was one of the main star players of the team. We were the strongest team at the Sydney 2000 Olympics and we had been preparing to defend against that. We knew the kind of responsibility that we had as there had never been a triple Olympic champion, in consecutive Olympics. Russia had the best […]