November 14, 2019
  • 4:38 am Denison Men’s Lacrosse Wrap-Up vs. Salisbury (NCAA Final Four)
  • 4:38 am Lacrosse Player Fights Rare Cancer
  • 4:38 am Mike Dean removed as fourth official for Chelsea vs Tottenham after Mauricio Pochettino row
  • 4:38 am Officials praise police after officer-involved shooting outside John Hardin High
  • 4:38 am Timber Tennis: Versus – Launch Trailer | PS4
Tennis Instruction: Watch the Ball Like a Pro and Turbo charge your Game

One of the most common instructions in tennis is watch the ball. We hear it over and over and over but we still have a hard time really hitting that ball at the right spot at the right time. So why is watch the ball so complicated. Well I think a lot of times people […]

Tennis Tip – How to Volley Better

The key to great volleying is the change in mentality. in tennis we’re always thinking about hitting the ball. At the net you want to think about catching the ball. When you’re catching the ball you set your hand right behind the ball early, and then just adjust to the ball. So the hand is […]

Tennis Drill – Large Groups – Kill it

Kill it! a fun drill for large groups by Edgar Giffenig 8 to 16 players form two teams across the net. The player spread out on the court one player start the point with a lob after that both teams try to set and easy ball behind the service line to one of their teammates […]

Tennis Drills – Volley – The Best Drill Progression to Improve your Volley

The wall is the perfect tool to improve our volleying technique because it allows you a great deal of repetitions in a very short amount of time. The forearm volleys you get as close to the wall as possible and try to keep the ball in play. The racquet stays nice and still very little […]

Tennis Game for Large Groups – All Touch Volleyball Tennis

The goal of this game is to have fun with large groups. It is ideal for camps – maybe as a warm up, maybe after a hard day on the courts, just to relax, have fun, work with a team. The challenge of the game is to have each one of the teammates touch the […]

Tennis Tip – Use Backspin for Better Volleys

using a little slice on the volleys is going to give you the extra control you need Hitting the ball too flat or trying to hit it with topspin will definitely lead to inconsistent volleys. However in order to do so it’s very important that your not swing down on the ball, that you not […]

Tennis Instruction: Balance – The Key to Great Ball Striking

We’re going to talk about one of the most important concepts in tennis which is balance. Balance means that you’re swinging stable that your body is in control. A lot of the mistakes in tennis come because your body is out of control. You’re losing control of the body because you’re not lining up the […]

Squash Shot Tips : Squash Shots Off of the Back Wall

Okay, there are times in Squash; so I’m at the tee, and my opponent’s hit a pretty good shot, or the ball doesn’t have much pace on it, or a variety of reasons. And all I can do is move back, and hit it off the back wall, and try, hopefully that I can get […]


Okay, to hit a good lob, I’ve coached a lot of people and I’ve never seen very, I’ve seen very few players that could do this. So this really basic drill is, the goal here is to open the face of the racket, hit the ball high on this front wall and have it land […]


Okay, the volley for hand, all you’re doing is taking the ball out of the air before it bounces. You want to open the face, want to keep the racket up. Now you want you elbow somewhere in front of your hand. See if your elbow is here, it’s going to produce a very week […]