February 24, 2020
  • 5:57 am What’s inside a Kookaburra Cricket Ball?
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  • 5:57 am Ozzy Man Reviews: Cricket Ball Tampering
  • 5:57 am Louis and Harry reacting to them playing football (caution: too much fonding)
  • 5:56 am GVSSR – 04/02/2018 – Lacrosse vs. Indianapolis, McKendree
WORLD-CLASS Table Tennis Tactics 1 (Mizutani’s serve revisited) — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

Hi there! Today marks the beginning of our new tactics’ series Before we do that, I just want to clarify several things I said in the Mizutani’s video Some of you [thank you ^^] mentioned that spin has three rotational axes. Let’s say this is x.. y.. and z-axis Rotating about the x-axis, that’s topspin […]


what advice would you have for let’s say someone who is just getting into competition is a girl getting into competition what advice would you have for them I would say just to like play for themself and already try to not worry but you know what the coach can think of the parents or […]

Junior Summer Tennis Camp – Barcelona, Spain

Hi this is Janaina with Costa del Tennis in Barcelona. We’re here with Homestead High school Team. They came from northern California to train with Spanish players and compete at tournaments that happen here in Barcelona but only during the month of July. We’re very happy they’re here and we certainly hope they have an […]

How to Play Four Square : Footwork in Four Square Game

Hey, I’m Tom Jones from McMilligan Elementary School on behalf of Expert Village today I’m going to teach you how to play Four Square. The ball, the most important aspect of playing Four Square is the foot work. You have to always be moving, always be ready for the ball, it’s coming anywhere, so, let […]

Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Highlights  |  Yes Guy Gaming

Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Highlights Yes Guy Gaming hey what’s up gamers this is a ps4 controller come on oh yeah huge slim look you guys gonna celebrate off of that core change I missed a few times last time got too old and stuff let’s get a freaking book Oh what are they doing […]

TENNIS FOREHAND GRIP | How Djokovic Gets Spin

Hey everyone, it’s Jeff Salzenstein at JeffSalzensteinTennis.com, and in today’s video, we are going to answer a question that came up from a Tennis Forehand Solution member: a player that invested in the Tennis Forehand Solution, and had a question about a specific video. So, what I thought I would do today is answer that […]

Viral Video – Single Line Slap to High Officials by a 6 year Small Kid by Supporting Jallikattu.

If you can, Amend PCA. If you can’t leave Tamilnadu freely, we will take care of our own.

How to Play Volleyball : How to Dive for a Volleyball

Hello, this is Keith Sewell with Expert Village. In this clip, we’re going to be talking about how to dive for the ball. When the ball’s too far to get in a good position with your feet to pass, then your only option is to dive for the ball. When you’re diving for the ball, […]

Best Table Tennis Serves Tutorial. (Pt 1: backspin, hook) — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

hello my name is shashwat r3er i live in mubai Now if you would pardon me I need to set the tone right for this video Because thie video is very important! Let me ask you a few questions Do you want to beat the person you’ve never beat before hello guys how are you

VOLLEYBALL DATING SIM!?!?  | Sweet Volley High Playthrough Episode 1

Sweet Volley High Dating Sim Visual Novel Volleyball Video Game Yes Guy Gaming Beach Volleyball Dating Sim Sweet Volley High you guys know I did speak Japanese tsunami doshakata American guy she yeah she’s one of the stars of the team she’s actually really good she plays for the national under-18 team whoa she must […]