October 21, 2019
  • 5:17 pm Lincoln health officials seeing unprecedented number of whooping cough cases
  • 5:17 pm News Conference: Rhode Island, Duke, Villanova, Alabama – Preview
  • 5:17 pm Nevenhoven hoping for a big October finish to the tennis season
  • 5:17 pm tennis racket stringing: advanced tips + how to use a single clamp machine
  • 5:17 pm This or That: David Kisiel (GCU Volleyball)
Learn Table Tennis Backspin Serve – Part 3 – Like a Boss!

Welcome to part 3 of the backspin and no spin serve series. The key to getting the swing right is getting your elbow in a good starting position and to hold it there for the entire swing. A great way to learn the elbow position for the swing is to grab type of pole and […]

Basic Stance in Table Tennis

Hi, I am Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Today we are going to talk about your basic stance in table tennis. It is really important to start to use your legs as well as your arms and back… when you are playing a game of table tennis. Your legs are probably the most important muscles that […]

Always Fly with a Tennis Ball in Your Carry-On

Whether you’re getting around by car, train, or plane, traveling can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, even if you love it. That’s why I’m bringing you some tips that should make your next trip a breeze! 1. Pack a couple tennis balls in your carry-on. Sitting in such close quarters for a long flight can slow […]

Decoding Jun Mizutani’s serve — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

You see, the ball comes seemingly straight towards you But it curves away once it reaches the end of the table So what happened?!.. It is not magic, it is PHYSICS ..[music plays].. In order to analyze this serve, we have to know about the spin that’s on the ball There are two categories The […]

Internet Surveillance – Game

In Canada, law enforcement officials must obtain a warrant before they can read your mail, listen to your conversations, and track your activities on the Internet. However, the government’s proposed “Lawful Access” legislation will allow law enforcement officials to track your activities on the Internet without a warrant. Now there’s no risk the police will […]

How to Play Volleyball : How to Run Basic Volleyball Drills

Hey my name is Addison from Captain Bills and I’m going to teach you how to run basic volleyball drills. There are many different drills you can use to play or to practice volleyball. There are serving drills, passing drills, hitting drills and setting drills. First one serving drills. Probably the most key thing in […]

How To Play Table Tennis – Reverse Pendulum Backspin Serve

The reverse Pendulum serve is an excellent example of a serve which offers many opportunities to the server to produce different rotations It requires good control of the forearm hand and grip This tutorial is for left-handers for right-handers use the video as your mirror image Stand in the back-hand corner with your body position […]

How to play table tennis – Service Receive

Hey, My name is Michael Maze, Let me show you how to receive a short serve The short push is one of the major receiving strokes Not so long ago, more than half of all receiving strokes were short The idea is to prevent the opponent from attacking first and to seek an opportunity to […]

The most comprehensive guide to SHORT TOUCHES — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

Continuing from the last video, we talked about forehand flick In this video I’ll to show you how to do a short push.. push short… I don’t know what it’s called.. whatever….-. Comparing to forehand flick, pushing short is a delicate shot So, you have to be very gentle about it And it’s a great […]

How to Play Volleyball : How to Dig a Spike in Volleyball

Hey, my names Addison from Captain Bills and I’m going to teach you how to dig a spike in volleyball. Spiking or hitting is used most of the time in order to score a point. A lot of times players will jump above the net to spike the ball down so when you’re spiking it […]