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TAKING A DUMP!!! |  Women’s Volleyball Championship Episode 3 | Yes Guy Gaming

Women’s Volleyball Championship Gameplay yes Guy Gaming great dig taking a dumb get a dump hello and welcome back to yes guy gaming
we’re back playing women’s volleyball championship hope you guys are enjoying
watching these episodes if you haven’t seen the first two episodes take a look
down in the description click those links check those episodes out but if
you have it welcome back again I’m looking for names you guys have any
names for these girls let me know I’ll put them in because I can change their
names anytime it doesn’t really matter but again thanks you guys for watching
let’s get to it today’s match I’m sick of this freaking
intro to this guys are hilarious but I’m determined round 1 we’re going win today
all right but er start us off the sidewinder nice good got the digs
setting kill it kill it kill it yes great start for me huge dig by dimes
alright but ER she should we try that Sidewinder again sure no yes
great you’re saved like this what’s coming why did I even block that like
that the middle is so quick the timing is just kind of weird I don’t know if I
should even block it all they’re stacking over there
kill it it’s gonna kill it that one six shot that’s yes the semi that one six
shot that’s the shot man number 14 alright Big Unit old with the
sidewinding float yes okay watch it sitting yes don’t block that middle cuz
you can just dig it and then do it was present mysteries
something else all right Big Unit let’s do that siding luncheon together I like
it come on is it shut up not in good condition oh shoot like the timing is
finicky in this game I’ll be better three all we’re in it whoa of the
sidewinding it’s nice you’re stacking out there kill it
yes the leaving my best hitter wide open I will take it it’s the set point banger
careful underhand yes what a digg-zacta pancake shorty yeah yes come on that
Lefty hit from pancake yes the first set is over with the home team at an
advantage okay that’s a tough sir yes let’s go pipe
maybe that was weak yipe sound okay we’re good we’re in the rally though I’m
not gonna block the middle I don’t think a beautiful thing cuz I can just dig it
Ready Set – banger banger with a bagger yes that’s the new strat don’t block
middle just dig it the other size you can block though alright Big Unit the
siding servi yes broke down and out of bounds they’re
folding up yes alright let’s step away over there serve and then run over that
way jump sir yeah damn it stay top this day tough
nose yes what a dig stay in the rally yes
city yes set the meter maybe who is that enough
said nuff said nuff said yes Sidewinder yikes
okay just said II oh that wasn’t me that wasn’t me yes who’s good kill us
good I was soft outside to Johnson get out
got a go pipe get out gotta give a free ball let’s go I’m focused great pass
right side to pancake I love that lefty pound yes hands in dip ends in and dip
careful on your hands yeah it’s the careful underhand return okay here we go
yes they were able to win with consecutive
sets they a young and will continue giving it their all that’s twice you’ve
mentioned us being young it’s the card here we go great float great dig set the
meter shit so the meter balls maybe I should block because she pounded that
one set kill it all day Oh kill it killing it
same shot every time too by the way careful in the hands get out get out
I read that all the way she shanked it on the coverage week all right Big Unit
jump little sides– spinny great dig let’s run the pipe maybe the Big Unit or
the pipe to Big Unit hole down the line ok stack up this way and leave it that
was done by me what was I thinking she just handed straight down yeah I can’t
see it yes I saw it sitting that was that was
weak but that’s ok yes triple block there’s the tower wasn’t it
is match point you know what it’s time for
careful underhand shanky the careful underhanded clutch moments works we’re
gonna call mole for the win Yolo go that was dumb actually I called the
step round and then set the right side that was stupid look brought them over
there for the block dumb match point second match point look Oh No
kill us save us no yes no yes kill it for the win
that shit the beautiful scent oh gosh on the tips because you press an axe
expecting the hard hit and then because you pressed it way early
you shank it stupid kill it I need you to win the game that was pancake that’s not who I meant
to set staying a team oh my god number two number two return come on get that
yes just stay in this rally huge dig kill it killing it come on so I was very
focused there laser beam focused Oh kill it’s back to serve kill it’s in the back
row now that’s not good yes city great dig damn it she’s all over that great
dig another job she died a beautiful scent great dig dumb get a dump
three dumps in a row and the guy yells out taking a dump you know it’s time for
careful underhand yes I got it because you can aim the sir but
you got to be careful you don’t miss I think that’s better
they ran a tandem there that was a good play it’s alright we’re in it it’s a
battle stay top o set point again what the hell gosh they want to win the next set they
shouldn’t let that go down yet brutal let’s see what kind of search
okay stay frickin tough team powerful look collapsed come on we’re working
we’re working yes what a traitor this says taken by the United States that was
really good jumpsuit yes come on alright let’s battle now let’s work big
unit great sir big unit oh shut up with motor conditioning
man that touched er it literally went right through her brutal setting oh that
was weak yes back to big unit God go she got blocked no one on one shit come on now you’re playing well Oh Big Unit oh that was a battle guessing ball why did that my left side commit stupid
that was a beautiful service will there be a triple block no block and she hits it out of bounds
which team will come out as a winner we battled we battle but we were playing
stupid okay we’re gonna be better we’re gonna be better there we go that’s a
great start good set baby this is where we turn it
on she shanked it literally straight back huge great sir butter yes yes Oh to
kill it now kill it kill it huge come on it’s called butter that’s a
good serve as it could play by her house a good play tool up the block huge come
on now match points will this become the final
play jump so Big Unit stack up the triple then that’s gotta go pipe
I’m blocking for the win I’m on it kill it you carry this this far shit I
didn’t even block get it nice backhanded flipper play a beautiful six yeah kill it with the
block or the wind oh yes come on the original team has won the match what was
your thought on today’s match Nancy number 24 well she was great facts about
her attacks the IC thank you very much I’m John Sarver and I would like to
thank my special guest Nancy Williams for joining me today from all of us at
AG TV we’ll see you next time thank you very much thank you very much all right
guys well that’s gonna do it for this episode of women’s volleyball
championship one a match yes came away with the win kill it was
killing it a couple of clutch plays there we almost gave it up but thank you
guys so much for watching if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button maybe
leave a like if you enjoyed this video I appreciate you guys thank you for
supporting this channel I just appreciate it so thank you again for
watching and we hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming you Women’s Volleyball Championship Gameplay yes Guy Gaming

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  1. Jesse Chen Posted on February 4, 2019 at 11:30 pm

    spike volleyball can play now on xboxone and ps4

  2. suhdude Posted on February 5, 2019 at 12:14 am

    are you gonna get spike volleyball tomorrow i know i am

  3. selvmortsydd Posted on February 5, 2019 at 10:39 am

    Wear a cap or not , what's this..

  4. Eduardo Fernandes Posted on February 7, 2019 at 1:41 am

    This game is the best… But I cannot lose more than 10 points per set. ahhahs Almost a professional. You are really fun! hahaha

  5. charmed charmed Posted on February 8, 2019 at 8:03 am

    Is this a PS game?
    PS 2/3/4?

  6. Leo Roger Posted on February 21, 2019 at 7:40 pm

    this game is better that Spike Volleyball.

  7. Krishan Carl Mendoza Posted on July 26, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    Is this available for pc?