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TEEN NUMBER | MORAL STORY #Kids #Bloopers | Students after exams | Aayu and Pihu Show

Bye Pari – Bye Pihu You know, I have got 3 marks in science exam. I don’t know what to do ? Watch the video till end… Idea I will not tell my marks. Aayu, where is mumma? Speak properly… What happened? You came from tution and looking for me ! How much you score in todays test? Which test? Science test… Scores have not been declared till now. OK, get ready. I prepare food. Sister please play with me. No Aayu Sister, I know … 3 Quiet Stay quiet. Pihu, let him speak. Sister, you are studying since last 3 hours. Come play with me. Oh, you were saying this. OK we will play. OK, you play. I prepare snacks for you. Sister it is your turn. Playing Monopoly Game Sister you scored 3 What? How do you know? Sister you scored 3 No, I haven’t got 3. Mumma, look sister is cheating in game. Aayu don’t call mumma. What happened? Mumma, sister is cheating. How does he know, that I have got 3. Look at the dice. I haven’t got 3 marks. My child, you have got 3 in this dice game. OK, in this dice game. Then? I will not allow you to play, if you do cheating. OK, now play properly. I am not playing. I am going. Wait sister Cheater sister You how much is this? Sister is not agreeing, that this is 3. I can smell something fishy. Sister is lying. I have to check. Kids, drink milk. Aayu, you also come and drink milk. – Vegetable vendor calling – Pihu, vegetable vendor is outside, please bring 1 lemon. Unlce, please give 1 lemon. I know it is of 3 rupees. No, 1 lemon is for 5 Rs. Oh, it is of 5 Rs. Then you take 5 If you want it for 3, then it is OK No uncle, I want it for 5 only. Listen… Mumma, I have bought lemon. You know mumma, Uncle was giving lemon for 3 Rs. I bought it for 5 Rs. What? Are you alright? What have you done? You gave 5 Rs for a 3 Rs product. We must clap for sister. You also clap… You made a loss of 2 Rs. Mumma, 5 is better than 3. Wow, my sister is so intelligent. She purchased an item of 3 Rs at 5 Rs. I should have sent Aayu. You could have sent me to buy lemon. I could have got a chocolate for remaining 2 Rs. But mumma. Sister made a loss of 2 Rs. Aayu singing song for Pihu, Aayu OK, you go for playing – Laughing – Atleast I made a loss of 2 Rs. Not 3 Rs. What am I doing? I hear 3 number everywhere. Is it because of the science test? Phone ringing Pihu, check the phone. Yes mumma. Hello Kriti Yes No I have not told yet. Have you told? I am seeing 3 everywhere. I dont know… Ok, we will talk later. Pihu, whose phone was that? My friend Kriti called. What was she saying? Nothing Mumma. OK Mumma, please give me some money to purchase pen. OK, take it from my purse. Thank God, pen doesn’t come for 3 Rs. OK mumma, I am going. Oh, whose phone is this? I will check, you go. Phone ringing If it is Kriti, she might tell my marks to mumma. Hello Yes Yes, I am Pihu’s mother. Oh… She did this… OK Bye Pihu You haven’t gone till now. I was about to leave. I was drinking water. Whose call was that? It was from your school. They must have told my marks. Sorry mumma. I was about to tell you. Your madam told me everything. Mumma…. Yes Yes Mumma… Today….. Yes your madam, told me. You gave your lunch to doggy. You left your water bottle in school. What? Madam told this…. Yes mumma, sometime I feed the dog. Oh… This is not right child. OK, you bring your pen fast. Then we will go to your uncle’s house. Aayu, come son and get ready. Please give me 2 pen of 10 each. Yes take them. Child, 1 is free with these 2 pen. No I want only 2. You purchased 2 pen. So 3rd is free. No I want only 2. I don’t want the trird one. Child they are now 3 – 3. No I don’t want 3. Mumma, I am back. Child, now get ready. We have to go to uncle’s house Aayu is ready, We get ready fast. Door bell… Hello Nikhil Mamu (Maternal Uncle) Hello Aayu. Hello Pihu How are you sister? Come inside. Where is Megha? Hi Megha, How are you sister? We are fine. I am also fine. Hello Mami (Aunt) Come inside How are your studies Aayu? Going very fast like a horse. Running very fast. How are your studies Pihu? Good Uncle… They are just good. Not running very fast like Horse? Laughing Sister, I forget to tell you. What? We are having our 5th marriage anniversary this year. So we are panning a grand party. Wow, very good. You must be available. Don’t go outside city that time. No plans till now. But, when is your party? Must be on 3rd…. How do you know? See, she remembers, you forgot. She is my lovely niece, so she remembers. Sisters memory is like mine. Laughing Aayu takes the credit every time. Now, how do I tell them? She remembers, you forgot. I am so busy now a days, so I forget many things. I never remember dates. Mumma, let us go now. OK, bye megha and nikhil. Come back soon, you also. Mumma We enjoyed a lot at Nikhil uncle’s house. You enjoyed a lot there? You both are very naughty. Mumma, I am tired. I am going to sleep. Wait, finish your home work first. Pihu, your homework? Mumma, my homework is complete. But, I my head is aching. I am seeing 3 – 3 everywhere. OK Aayu, bring your books. OK mumma. I am fed up with 3 number. I don’t know till when. 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 Take this mumma. You do the homework. Why would I do your homework? This was still left. Spell – Jumping J U M P I N G – Jumping Aayu please speak softly. I have headache. OK J U M P I N G – Jumping Aayu, please close the door. OK 3 3 3 3 3 Yes Yes – I have got 3 marks. So what do I do? I didn’t prepared well. Leave R E A D I N G – Reading Mumma What happened? I want to tell you something. Yes my child. Today science test score was declared. I have got 3 marks – 3 3 3 Now, everywhere I see 3. But my child, why are you sad. Mumma, because sister got 3 in Monoply game. No, your sister has got 3 marks in science test. Mumma, look I am hearing 3 again. Did you prepared well? If you don’t prepare well, then what will happen? Why did you hide your score mumma? You must tell your marks to mumma always. Weather you get 1, 3 or 10. You must have prepared for exam. If you had prepared, you must have scored better. Sister, you must study like me. Yes, J U M P I N G – Jumping Sorry mumma. My child, you should never hide anything from mumma. OK From next time, you must prepare well. Now you go and take some rest. Mumma, I am also going. Wait Your homework is still pending. Mumma, I have a test tomorrow. You know how much will I get? How much? More than 3 …. Mumma look at Aayu. You don’t worry. Moral of the story is…. That we should never get 3 marks. Yes, must get more than 3. We must prepare before the test / exams. You must never hide anything from your parents. 3 All the best for your upcoming exams.

David Frank