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Tell me a Story: Volleyball Yellow Vests

the term yellow vests became notably popular in the last months due to the large-scale protests which have broken out in Europe in the beginning of the year thousands of yellow vests participated in demonstrations in Paris and all over friends again the reforms planned by the president Emmanuel macron a lot of people took their example in other European countries in principle the yellow vests are traditional attire worn by traffic policemen garbage men stadium stewards and others surprisingly the yellow vest has been also used on the volleyball court during its domestic European Championships in 2015 but given needed to win against Netherlands in the last match in the group stage in order to qualify directly for the quarterfinals it was a tough game the first set 29:27 but the real drama was just about to begin the bulgarian head coach plumbin Konstantinov started the match with the dosa path as the liberal and the second liberal over this waffle runoff was registered in the team as a receiver in order to enter the code as a substitute in background and to improve the reception due to an injury and Rajic of one of the three setters of the team was registered as a second libero since he wasn’t able to play anyway in the middle of the second set so part of got injured obviously the second player registered as the Libero was not in a condition to participate in the match – due to these events for this often enough was moved to deliver opposition the Dutch coach will Vermeulen decided that the Bulgars are trying to cheat and start arguing with plumber Konstantinov but the referees didn’t sustain the protest the situation was really strange since according to the rules for the sake woman was not allowed to change his red shirt with the white shirt of the liberal in the middle of the set that’s why he needed to finish the set playing with a yellow vest and looked pretty fancy on the court [Music] eventually Bulgaria one in a dramatic way 3-2 but the funny sight of the liberal in signal yo will be remembered for long especially taking into account the fact did the nickname ever this one even off is the lemon and that makes the situation even funnier

David Frank



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