March 29, 2020
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Tennis Coach Greg Prudhomme Doctoral Testimonial

(uplifting music) – I wasn’t sure I could do this. I honestly wasn’t sure I could do this. My name’s Greg Prudhomme. I’m the men’s and
women’s head tennis coach here at Grand Canyon University, and I just defended my
dissertation to earn a degree in a doctorate of philosophy
in general psychology with an emphasis in
performance psychology. A lot of people that think that I’m crazy for taking on such a task, such a journey while I’m coaching two
Division I programs. It was a balancing act,
and that in and of itself aside from the continuing education that I learned with the course content and the research, the
studying that I’ve done, that in and of itself is
worth its weight in gold to know that one can do it even if they didn’t think
they had any down time. The support that I received
from GCU was crucial. Your dissertation committee, my dissertation chairperson who’s really I saw as my mentor, as my coach. This is the one that was
gonna help guide me through. The residencies were great support. Although this is supposed
to be a self-study and we have a lot of autonomy, it was nice to have the
support that we did. Part of my motivation of
becoming a doctoral learner was so I could immediately
start using the information that I was learning in
the courses on the job as a tennis coach here
for my student athletes. For my work to really feel meaningful and for me to feel like I
have purpose in my position, I want them to learn more than just how to hit a tennis ball, and I think that it set a good
example for those around me to know that things can be accomplished, and yeah, so I’m real proud of that.

David Frank