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Tennis Instruction: Balance – The Key to Great Ball Striking

We’re going to talk about one of the
most important concepts in tennis which is balance. Balance means that you’re
swinging stable that your body is in control. A lot of the mistakes in tennis
come because your body is out of control. You’re losing control of the
body because you’re not lining up the ball or because you’re moving in the
wrong direction when you’re swinging. So you want to make sure that when you’re
hitting the ball you are stable. Balance starts with the head. If I want to move
in any direction my head needs to move first then my body follows. So if we’re
able to control the head then we’re gonna play in much better balance. One of the simples exercises to work on keeping the head still is by using a cap. So
instead of using your cap like you normal I do,
what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna turn it around and barely put it on your
head, very lightly and then you’re gonna try to move and hit the ball without
losing the cap. That means totally controlling your head. Let’s take a look
at this: Working on keeping your head still every
time that you’re playing will definitely help you play a lot more balanced. The
other drill that will help you stay balanced, is one that forces you to widen
your stance a little bit. To lose balance what’s going to happen is that my head
is gonna pull my body out of my base of support. My base of support is basically
the space between my feet. So if the space between my feet is very small any
little movement, any little lean is gonna get me out of balance but if I’m able to
get my space between my feet wider and I blend a little bit, get a little bit
lower that’s gonna be a lot tougher to get out of balance. So I’m going to give
you an exercise that’s going to help you get the feel of taking a bigger step at
the end before you swing. I’m going to ask my partner to step over a ball that
I’m gonna roll and then take a shadow swing. This will force her to think about
taking a bigger step before swinging. So there you have it head still and a
bigger base of support. In order to test for balance when you’re hitting these
next two drills will help you. What I want my partner to do is I want her to
swing and then freeze the finish. If you’re able to swing and freeze and not
move at all, you are swinging with good balance. If you feel that you’re having a
hard time remaining still that means somewhere you’re losing the balance. So
let’s take a look at these exercises: On the first one I’m gonna just ask her to
freeze and the second one I’m gonna have her do it a little bit more complicated.
That means lifting one of the legs so forcing her to maintain the balance but
on one leg. One Leg Balance also applies to the serve. It is
very important that when you’re serving your perfectly balanced as you hit the
ball and as you land. So let’s take a look at two exercises to work on balance on
the serve. On the first one the player is going to try to play and serve with the
feet together without moving at all. On the second exercise the player is going
to serve and hold the landing at the end making sure that she lands and stay stable. Let’s
take a look at that. Stick the landing. Okay! Working on being balanced on the
serve and keeping your body quiet is going to give you a lot more consistency
try it work on staying still and you will see a very big difference.

David Frank



  1. Jo Sch Posted on January 16, 2019 at 6:48 pm

    That´s what I miss, thankyou

  2. Shawn McDermott Posted on January 21, 2019 at 6:20 am

    Thanks for these great drills, Edgar.

  3. Jack Quinn Posted on March 31, 2019 at 2:29 pm

    If you try to improve balance in swinging you should swing for real, striking the ball from the legs up with proper rotation. The girl is just hitting with her arm trying to make sure not to risk her ”balance”! She doesn’t even turn her head to the contact as she doesn’t turn her upper body away from the court on those forehands. What a farce.

  4. Ektoras Bousoulas Posted on May 30, 2019 at 8:27 am