April 4, 2020
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Tennis Movement Tip: Quicker Reaction To The Ball

Okay previously we talked about
the flow step and that means we’re landing on one foot so that the other
leg can be pushed away. Now that is for when you’re anticipating the
shot and you see the ball early. A lot of times that’s not possible!
A lot of times in tennis you’re gonna have to run! Okay so when you’re
running, it involves a ‘drop step’. So we’re talking about the very first
reaction. When I need to run somewhere I need to do this kind of move…watch!
I go into a wide base. So the wider my base the less I can do this
kind of thing that I showed you before. So when do you go to a wider base?
Of course if you’re anticipating being attacked, if you make a weak shot then
naturally you should go into a very, very wide base because you’re anticipating
getting attacked if your shot is weak you’re gonna get challenged or attacked.
Okay so you naturally go into a very wide base and that base is going to
allow you to be very explosive either to the right or to the left. Now watch me
carefully when I land in a wide base, I’m landing almost with my feet double
shoulder width apart. Then this foot is gonna drop. So this foot just gonna drop
under my body, it’s gonna do this kind of thing. So I’m going to do a
drop step, I drop step and then I explode! Using both arms! So we cannot do
this kind of thing that we see a lot of times at recreational level. Standing
with the feet almost together and then trying to sprint to the ball but with
both hands on the racquet or with the arms not really working.
You cannot be explosive like that. You have to get into a very low center of
gravity and execute that lower move, the drop step is like creating a little
platform a little pushing device. I drop and then I drive alright. So how do
we practice it? The ladder drills are great! Alright so I’m gonna bring Subash in.
Okay so watch! I’m just gonna have him stand like this…so he’s gonna put his
feet apart like this and we’re gonna use the little box to practice the drop step. Watch carefully! So he’s gonna go into a base
so I’m gonna ask you to bring the right foot into the box.
Okay drop step, hold it! Good! Don’t push yet I just want them to see the
drop step. So you use a ladder like this and you use a square here to practice
the first move, so the first reaction when I’m running to the ball is to bring
the right foot under the body see very different from what we did before where
I was anticipating already where the balls going and I wasn’t being attacked.
So I was just rallying and I was anticipating by doing the flow
step. Now I’m being attacked so watch carefully! This is a drop step for me. Drop
your foot in, Stop! Don’t cross over yet just drop it in.
Drop your foot in. Stop! Okay see that move, that creates a beautiful
little platform here he’s on the ball of his foot, this heel is up and now that
platform is gonna allow him to push this foot across and be very explosive! Push
it for the cross! Very good. Now do it slowly and I want you to do
this progression about this slow. So we’re gonna do a split step first. We’re
gonna do a split step over the ladder. We split step over the ladder, drop and push!
Do it that slow. Okay split step, split…drop…push! Very good! One
more time. Split…drop…push! Very good.
Now we just do it a little bit faster So now you do a couple of steps. So
you go split…drop…push! Okay and get off the mark! You don’t have to do a
full sprint. Ready? Split….drop…. push! Very good! One more time. That looks
very good. Split…drop…push! Very good! Alright now once I feel I can do that
once it becomes confident at that, I’m gonna have him do the jump rope again..
The ready steps, jump roping is just like doing ready steps in tennis on the
balls of your feet. So he’s gonna do ready steps, then I’m gonna tell him to
split…drop…push! Right, ready step…split… drop…push! Alright so I’m gonna give
him the command watch! Ready steps and split…drop…push! Very good! One more time. Ready steps! Split…drop…push! Very good.
Now hopefully by the end of all that if we do that enough, I’m gonna be able to
take the ladder away and he’s gonna be able to execute that on his own. So stand
there just to the left of center okay. Go into ready steps! And
split…Boom boom boom! That’s pretty good right there!

David Frank



  1. TenniSun Posted on December 6, 2017 at 4:50 pm

    great, just pity Ean's videos are not linked up

  2. Gill Davies Posted on December 6, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    Great video on movement – the drop step will be very useful and not one I've heard of before. Would be nice to watch all Ean's movement videos, where are they? Thank you

  3. Nick Stiver Posted on October 1, 2018 at 2:04 am

    I want the students socks

  4. h4rms Posted on June 15, 2019 at 10:48 am

    Very useful information. I'm going to be aware of this going forward. Let's hope I get to the ball well before time 👍