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Tennis vs Softball with Vasek Pospisil & Haylie McCleney | Sports Swap Challenge

(SPORTS SWAP) My name is Vasek Pospisil, tennis player
from Vancouver, Canada. The challenge
of problem solving, it can be very demanding, but also very rewarding. My two Olympic experiences were some of the highlights
of my career. I’m Haylie McCleney,
softball player with Team USA. Softball is all about momentum,
team chemistry and skill. And to get that gold medal
at World Championships was a really big deal
for USA softball. Here we go! – Yeah!
– Oh! No! I can’t even reach it. (SPORTS SWAP) (TENNIS SOFTBALL) (SOFTBALL TENNIS) – Hey!
– Hey, how are you? Hey, nice to meet you,
I’m Vasek. Nice to meet you, I’m Haylie. I don’t want to interrupt your
intense warm-up here, but… No, it’s OK.
It’s good, you’re welcome. But, yeah, we’ll be swapping
sports for the day, so… – Yeah. I’m excited.
– Yeah, me too. You ever played softball
before? Never! I’ve never held
a baseball bat – or anything like that.
– Cool. – So super nervous, but, yeah.
– Awesome. You’ll be fine. I won’t hurt you,
I won’t hit you or anything. – OK.
– We should be OK. – Haylie, what are you doing?
– What’s up? I got lost. Sorry. – We’re playing tennis!
– I don’t… – This is all the gear I have!
– You’re gonna try… You’re going to try and return
my serve with a baseball? – Yeah! I’m doing it…
– A baseball bat? I’m doing it with the bat.
I’m doing it with the helmet. – All right, well, good luck!
– I’m doing it! 15-love. All right, here we go! A little bit faster
than I’m used to. Touched it! All you can ask for
is good contact! So I think that’s a win for me. (THE INITIATION) First off, you’re gonna
need a bat. – Yeah, OK.
– Obviously, if you wanna hit. OK. So there’s plenty
of different options I brought for you. So the main thing that you
wanna be worried about – is the size.
– Mm-hm. How long the barrel is,
and how light or heavy it is. Most people think of softball
and baseball – as like the same thing.
– Mm-hm. But they’re really
a lot different. So softball is gonna be
obviously – a different colour ball.
– Yeah. But the size is what really
gets a lot of people. It’s a way bigger
circumference. So bat and a ball
and we’ll get you going. All right, so I’m going
to show you how to hit balls off the tee, and then we’re going
to see how you do off of some live pitching. The biggest thing,
be as smooth as you can. And hit the ball a long way.
No big deal. This is literally like
the first time I’ve ever tried to hit a ball. – So…
– OK. Let’s see. – Let’s just see.
– OK. – There’s the sun right there.
– You’re gonna be fine. You’re gonna be fine.
All right, you ready? Yes. Give me one
practice swing. – OK, yeah, go for it.
– OK. – Yeah, looks good!
– OK, OK. – Looks all right, here we go.
– All right, here we go. – Oh!
– Yeah! Swing and a miss. There goes the bat! Oh! OK, there we go. Nice! – Ahhh!
– Oh! Oh, that’s not too bad. Sounds good. How did it feel?
What did you think? Uh, I don’t really know
what to think. I feel like I made
some good contact, but I don’t really know
what I’m doing, so… You… I didn’t think
you looked all that bad. – It didn’t look bad?
– It looked really tennis-y! – It looked tennis-y!
– You know what I mean? Like a lot of wrist action? It looked like
a really good backhand. Yeah. Yeah, I didn’t feel… I didn’t feel like
I was playing softball. So we’re gonna dive
right into it. – OK.
– You’re gonna start – returning my serves.
– OK. How… How fast are,
like, softball pitches usually? They’re coming in usually
around 65, 70mph. On a good day,
I might be serving – around 130mph.
– OK. – So I’ll try to hit 135.
– OK. I’m gonna try not to die! – All right.
– OK. Sounds good! – Let’s do it. Good.
– Let’s do it! Oh, dear. Do I go on this side? I am really nervous right now. Is this a good stance? I don’t
really know what I’m doing. – Oh, yeah! Good contact!
– I touched it! Ah!
I couldn’t even reach it. Hello! I can’t. I can’t even get there. That was scary.
I couldn’t even… I couldn’t even see the ball. Honestly, it’s… That’s
a tough one to dive into. – It’s bad!
– On day one, like, I think first we have
to cover the basics, – like forehand, backhand.
– OK. Before you go into, like,
returning a pro’s first serve. – OK. OK. Can we do that, then?
– So…so let’s do that. I need some basic ground work! Let’s go over the basics first. (THE BASICS) The way you grip the bat’s
really, really important. You always want to line up
your door-knocking knuckles. – OK.
– A lot of people get here, and that’s when we have a lot
of wrist problems, – like you were having earlier.
– Ahh! So if you line up… If you line up your
door-knocking knuckles, – when you make contact…
– I see. ..you should be palm up here
and palm down here. Your front elbow is never
really supposed to lock out. – Oh, OK.
– So this should always – stay bent.
– OK. And I just load here. Boom! You wanna stay
on your back leg… – Yeah.
– ..as much as you can, because that’s gonna give you
a ton of lift on the ball when you’re transferring all
your energy. Right. So it’s… There, boom! I like that. When you’re getting ready
for…for the ball, – to come your way…
– Uh-huh. ..you wanna be, you know, facing pretty much, like,
up front, and then as soon as you see
the ball go to either side, you know if it’s gonna be
forehand or backhand, so then you just turn your body
as if you were gonna swing… – I gotcha.
– ..a baseball. Having to switch directions and not knowing which side
the ball is going to go to is completely different
from softball, where, like, I know the ball is gonna come
on this side of me and I’m ready for it. – Nice!
– Yeah! Oh, that’s… that’s a little
high, that’s gonna be tough. Oh, good footwork, though! I like it, I like it! The backhand is a little hard. That was a true softball swing!
So you wanna give it some spin. – That’s good, that’s good!
– I love that! Your forehand is money! She’s doing really well. She’s hitting from the ground,
I’m very impressed. To be honest,
she’s controlling the ball better than…
than I would expect. So softball! Ahh! For somebody who’s playing
for the first time, usually you see balls
flying all over the place and lack of control,
controlling the power, but she…she’s doing
a really good job. I would like to think that it’s
because of her softball skills. – No!
– I had to do it! It’s not fair! All right,
door-knocking knuckles. Is this about the right…?
I think this is about right. Yeah. Oh, yeah, that was good. – Whoops!
– Yeah. That’s still probably a double. Double is me getting, like,
to the second base? Yeah… Yeah, double would be
going to second base. If you’re big time,
you get a home run. I hit a home run? Ooh. All right, here we go
with a home run. Oh, that’s not a home run!
But you know what? – I’d be out with that one.
– You’d probably be out. Whatever… whatever is gonna
get me that home run! If it’s…
If it’s Happy Gilmore, – it’s Happy Gilmore!
– Do it! I think you hit it farther
not Happy Gilmore! Yeah, for sure! All right, we’re gonna
jump right in to another really tough part
for a beginner, and that’s to actually hit
a serve, – not receive but to hit one.
– OK. So it looks something
like this. OK. – All right, your turn.
– That’s all I get? – That’s all you get.
– OK, hit it in the box. Good speed, but we’re gonna
need a little bit of work. One thing I noticed was your
grip was wrong on the serve. How did you hold it before? It was like right here
at the bottom. – Yeah, yeah. So that’s like…
– Yeah. That was more
like the forehand grip. So you want to hold it
like that. You were pretty, like, frontal. You wanna have a really good
shoulder turn, so when you toss the ball, you actually kind of want your
back of your shoulder – to be facing the court…
– OK. ..so you can get the rotation
to go through. OK. That sounds good,
let’s try it out. Let’s try it. – There you go! Look at that!
– That was in! Look at that! – Improvements already!
– Ahh! – Huge!
– I’m so happy right now. That’s actually really good. You’re right, the more you turn
back this way, – the way…
– Yeah. I feel, like, way more powerful
coming through. That one felt really good. (THE CHALLENGE) Gave you some tips, you’ve had
a little bit of time to get comfortable, had a lot of, like,
time to practise, so hopefully let’s see
if you can improve. (3 PITCHES (TO HIT AS MANY AS POSSIBLE) If I get two of these,
it will be an improvement. – All right. Let’s do this.
– Let’s do this. – All right.
– All right. Ohh! That’s not much
of an improvement! – You’re good.
– But it’s OK, it’s OK. – You’re adjusting.
– I can still get the next two. Here we go! – Aah!
– That’s not bad! – That felt good!
– OK. Your swing looks
a lot more compact, too. – That felt good.
– It was nice. All right, I gotta get
this one here. That’s a double!
That’s a double! Go, go! That’s what I’m talking about! – Go, go, go!
– Aah! That was seriously your best
hit, though, that was awesome. Thank you, coach. – That was a lot of fun.
– Yeah, That was good. Vasek really improved, he made some adjustments
in his mechanics, and the ball ended up coming
off his bat a lot harder and his swing looked a lot more
smooth, a lot more comfortable
the later on in the pitches that we got,
so I’m very, very impressed. Haylie, she gave me
some good tips, and I felt like I was making some good contact
with the ball. So, yeah, it was a good lesson
for me and, uh maybe… I don’t think I’ll be changing
careers, though. (3 ATTEMPTS (TO SERVE SUCCESSFULLY) All right, first ball,
let’s see what you’ve got. All right, let’s do it. Your spin was there. – That’s good.
– Yeah, the spin’s there. – Oh!
– Great power, though. – That was great power.
– That was good power. I feel…
I feel, like, really good. Take your time. – Yeah!
– Ohhh! That was probably the best
serve I think I’ve had all day. Yeah, that was the best one. (YES, BUT STILL OUT!) Um, so we’ll see if you can do
any better returning my serves. – All right.
– I’m gonna serve four at you. – OK, I can’t wait.
– All right. – Let’s see if I can do it.
– Yeah! (4 ATTEMPTS (TO CONNECT WITH A PRO SERVE) Yeah! Nice! No! Too on top of that one! I’m hitting it, though. Wow, that was really
impressive. – Thanks!
– What an improvement! I feel like I got a lot better. – Yeah, you got a lot better.
– I made contact, out of four, – I think I touched three!
– Yeah, you got… Three out of the four, yeah. To be in there… No! ..trying to return
130mph serves, obviously it was difficult,
but after the pointers I got, and after getting used to,
you know, what a tennis ball looks like
coming at me, and once I got a little bit of
the hand-eye coordination down, it was awesome. I mean, he gets aces on,
you know, pro tennis players so I think it was cool that I, you know, actually hit
three out of four. – Good job.
– High-five. Thanks. Pretty impressive to see, especially since
it was the first time that she held a tennis racket
and played, so I was…
I was pretty impressed. I wasn’t expecting her to do
so well, full stop, all around. (SHOWBOATING) Four, five, six… Ahh! Ohh! Yeah! We’ve had our fun
swapping sports, now we’re gonna do a little
experiment, a competition, and see, I guess,
which one of us can hit – our, uh, balls the furthest.
– Our balls. – I guess on three, two, one…
– Yeah. No! Tennis ball wins.
It’s rolling, though. – It’s gonna keep rolling. Wow!
– All the way to the fence. – Check that out.
– That’s a good effort. – That’s a good strike!
– That was pretty good. – Softball’s the winner!
– There we go. Look at that. (SPORTS SWAP)

David Frank



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    Baseball requires more hand eye coordination. The difference between a homerun and an infield fly is 1/4 inch on the bat. The swing plane takes care of the problem of meeting a pitch…hopefully…lol.
    I play both tennis and baseball. The difference between a 2 handed backhand from a tennis player and a 2 handed hit from a baseball player…is the baseball player is hitting off their GOOD side. I happen to be ambidextrous so I swing with good hip rotation off of both sides.
    My golf maximum swing speed RIGHT handed was 140 mph…my left handed pitch over 90 mph. I was a bit younger then. I've also cracked tennis serves on the wall and made the ball stick for 30 seconds…left handed.
    Tennis players do work on their opposite side rotation with medicine balls…for myself I like practicing pitching underhanded and overhanded off the opposite side. If you can throw a baseball (or tennis ball) hard off of your wrong side then your hip rotation speed is probably good. The problem with only throwing the medicine ball is it works the abdominals more than the hip speed.
    As for returning a professional tennis players serve…yes anticipation and being able to read direction right off the opponents racquet is key. Tennis players are usually more wiry. Keeping the weight down is important. Baseball players go for lots of muscle.
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