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Tennis Warehouse takes you Behind the Scenes at adidas | adidas Brandography

athlete (noun): a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise. [Claus] The brand is fascinating and if you look
at the timings were just celebrating 70 years of adidas and no other brand
can do that we were the first ones who had clay court shoes we were the first
ones who developed new grass court shoes and the very first leather shoe and we
invented all these and it was the products to make the product better and
really to to make the athlete better only the best for the athlete [Spencer] Adi Dassler was an athlete himself and was
passionate about sports equipment. At an early age he realized that improving the
product athletes used could improve their performance. He cobbled and tested his own
Footwear to make improvements and soon thereafter sought out top athletes to wear and test his products. He truly believed that when it came to sports equipment only the best for the athlete In 1949 he created
the three stripes and established the adidas brand. and the rest as they say is history. strive for perfection. there’s always
something you can improve My name is Spencer Boller and I’m the
footwear buyer at Tennis Warehouse. Welcome to the adidas world headquarters
Herzogenaurach Germany [Fabian] Athlete services is a department in
adidas that basically has been here from the very beginning. Adi Dassler used
to work with athletes to make his product better, his in line product better
but also very first back in the in the 40s and 50s already decide okay who
are the athletes that did something specific? Be it for medical reasons be it for
unique performance reasons be it for overuses weird anatomy special anatomy/
This is something that he’s always done so in the city center where he had his villa with his family there was always a guest
room so he would always have room for athletes to come by and right next to it
there was a track and a football pitch and right next to that was the
production facility so they would always talk about the product and how to make
the shoes be better and it would go into the production change it quickly and
come back and then basically test it out test, test and test again [Spencer] adidas conducts the majority of their
testing in their future lab. This state-of-the-art facility pushes the
limits of performance testing. The scientists that work in the future lab
track athlete movement test the effects of the environment on materials and durability and analyze wear patterns ultimately
ensuring the products meet their standards. [Daniel] Okay let’s check out our
future lab which is where we do our scientific research and analyze all the
products. [Spencer] So you have data from humans data from robots how do you kind of mesh
that together to get what you’re looking for and how do those work together? [Daniel] So actually the data that you gain from a robot are very different from the data
that you get from human because what a robot can tell you is like all these
emotions feelings when you wear a product when you see a product this
is what we gain from the human side and then we bring the two things together lead, don’t copy [Spencer] Insights gathered from the Future Lab
and from player feedback has enabled adidas to create some of the best
performance products in history. From the Superstar to the Gazelle and Samba
adidas has been able to blend sport and lifestyle taking shoes designed specifically for sport and influencing street fashion worldwide. The Stan Smith
originally made for tennis in 1973 is the best-selling adidas lifestyle shoe
of all time. The Billie Jean King was the first tennis shoe designed specifically
for women. It was also the first tennis shoe in full color. For both men and
women the barricade has arguably been the most impactful tennis shoe over the
past two decades. adidas as a brand is influenced and inspired by the game.
Equally as much as tennis is influenced by the brand’s key moments throughout history. [Matthias] Tennis and adidas started in the super
early day so somehow we have been always been part of the tennis identity in the
DNA and obviously while the sport was becoming bigger also adidas was
growing with it so it’s really difficult to highlight some iconic moments there
because obviously today for example we can talk about the Stan Smith a lot of
people even don’t know that he’s a human and was a tennis player at this point in
time most of them know him in our days as a tennis shoe but he was a super good
tennis player in the 70s 80s so this was obviously a iconic moment for us and
next to this there was a time period like with Stefan Edberg and Steffi Graf
winning a golden slam which probably was one of the peak times of adidas tennis
in the 90s where we also owned the top ranking on the men’s women’s and the
doubles side and since then like I said everything is history somehow we
introduced the barricade so we always have been part of tennis and also in the
future we want to be part of tennis and shape tennis as a sport. [Spencer] Shaping the game of tennis is what
adidas continues to do today. We watch on the world stage as players like Dominic
Thiem, Stefano Tsitsipas and Angelique Kerber modernized the game while
striving to cement their own place in history. be open-minded and look towards the future [Celine] When we look at players being female or
male we’re looking for creators people that are definitely influencing and
changing the way that the sport is moving forward. [Stanislav] So who is the creator?
It’s actually it’s almost like a unicorn you know like so it’s it’s something
very very special you know like it’s a high-performance athlete that brings
authenticity into the game and yet outside of the of the sport he’s maybe
a super creative person you know he maybe is into photography and like Tsitsipas maybe into music etc and he brings this energy back into the sport
and then what’s, what he creates on the court is super exciting and we believe
it inspires the rest and so that’s why in the Creator is who we always start
the journey with. [Matthias] I think if you’re a tennis player and you’re just always playing into the lines and playing safe you will never win a final because you
need to risk something you need to play the ball on the line and sometime you
fail and sometimes but this is a decisive moment where you play a winner
and I think this is the same thing in business when we would always play safe
we would never make evolution in terms of how we develop our products or how we
create our campaigns therefore also failing and also learning out of
this it’s a big part of us it’s just the important point it’s like when you do
the failure you should never do the failure the match point at a Grand Slam
you should do it in terms of preparation so we prepare and
go through these different rounds for example and product development and so
on and we learn out of this and then when we come to the market and there
where it matters we want to provide the best product and same from a
communication perspective like also we’re testing and experimenting with our
campaigns which resonates with the consumer and at the end when we come up
with a product then it needs to be spot-on. [Annette] We really want to drive conversation and we
want to introduce new perspectives and we want to be disruptive provocative
sometimes just to keep it interesting because we also know that a consumer’s
life isn’t compartmentalized right it’s not just about tennis but the lines are
blurry between sport and life and world and what’s going on so I think
what’s really enabling us in a very unique way is our brand partnerships
that we have from all areas of life from culture to music to art to technologies
to really have a collaborative creator approach to instigate or initiate new
conversations in such a sport that is so rich with code and history. [Spencer] True creators
never stopped creating. adidas as a brand learns from the past thrives in
the now and designs for the future. As modern-day Adi Dasslers not only are they
creating performance they’re creating choice for athletes around the world. [Spencer] Matthias most importantly what’s your best dance move? [Matthias] Oh and the best dance
move so I grew up in the 90s so I would say the Hotstepper and then finishing up with…

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