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The Basics of Volleyball – Passing

Hi I’m Emily Hiza and I am the volunteer assistant at Oregon State Unversity and we are doing the basics of volleyball
here. And I have my two assistants Izzie is 10, and has been playing for a year and Mattie over here is 12, has been playing for
5 years. So, we’re going to be going over, how to teach younger kids the basics of volleyball. Okay, so the first skill were going to talk about is passing. And the first thing we’re going to go
over is body position and what we want our bodies to look and feel like before we start passing. So feet apart, a little wider than shoulder width apart. Okay, and I teach that if you were to bend your knees
a little bit and lean on your knees like this, it’s pretty comfortable, we can hang out there for a while. And now without moving our body we just
want to move our hands like this. And with the new rules being a little more lenient with
overhead passing, I teach, I call it “campfires” so we are warming our hands by a campfire right here. Halfway between passing the ball underhand and passing the ball overhand. So my arm are hanging out here So stand back up. So, if I say ready position for passing, we
do this now. There you go. Our weight is one our toes a little more than our heels, so we
can kind of wiggle our heels a little bit. There we go. Good so you guys can stand up. So the most important thing in passing, it doesn’t matter how good your platform is or how much
control you have with your hands. Its all about getting to the ball with your feet. So the first progression that we are going to start with is Izzie is
going to be my shuffler and Mattie is going to be my roller So we are going to roll the ball on the ground and Izzie’s goal as
the shuffler is to get the ball to roll directly between her feet. And she wants her feet to be stopped when
that ball goes between her legs. Okay. So Mattie if you want to go a little
bit back there. Izzie face Mattie, there we go. So Mattie is going to roll from side to side and Izzie is
going to shuffle to get that ball to go between her legs. Perfect! Yep! Good, so you guys want to switch? Mattie you want to
be the middle one? Here you go, ready, roller. There we go, good! Yep!Stand up normal and ready position. And shuffle. There
you go. You need to work a little harder than this. There we go, good! So the next progression after we get our feet to the ball is
that we always want to pass our ball in our mid line. So to emphasize that we have Izzie here wearing a larger shirt. And what she’s going to be
doing is mimicking passing in her mid line by catching that ball in that big shirt. So, we still want to get into our ready
position. Ready position, there we go. And then she’s going to
grab the side of her shirt and if we’re going to serve
over the net and the ball comes to her, she’s going to shuffle, get to the ball and catch it right in your mid line. Ok, so the drill is going to be: Maddie is my tosser over there, she is going to be tossing the ball over the net to Izzie,
so izzie is working on. We just worked on our lovely shuffle. If Maddie tosses to where she has to shuffle to the ball She is going to use those shuffles. Her goal is to catch it in her mid
line, right here with that shirt. What we want to try and avoid doing is parachuting up. So
we still want to keep our shoulders above our knees and we want to catch it with our feet
stopped and balanced wide, not balanced skinny. So, a nice balanced position right in our mid line,
and catch with our shoulders above our knees. Okay, here we go. Good, there we go. A little bit more shoulders above our knees. Good. Keep your feet balanced and wide. Let’s do one more So the next progression for this is, Mattie will take away this arm here
and going to be practicing getting our fake platform out there. And so Izzie is over there tossing and she is going to toss the
ball over here. And using the shuffles that we just worked on, if the ball is not right to us. We’re going to shuffling to get ourselves
in a position to get the ball to bounce right in between our legs. The goal is to get it bounce right between our feet so it doesn’t hit our body. Sometimes it will bounce too
far in front and bounce up and hit us in the belly or sometimes it will hit you directly. If it hits you directly that means your too close to the ball. If it bounces too far in front and hits you in the stomach, after the bounce, it means you are too far away
from the ball. So our perfect goal is to get it to bounce between our legs without hitting our body. We’re also going to emphasize getting our feet stopped and balanced still. So, sometimes
kids will lift their legs to try to get the ball to bounce. So feet stopped and balanced still. And still hopefully in that
ready position with our shoulders above our knees. Okay. Alright. You got it. There’s a good one. Grab another ball. Stopped and balanced shoulders above our knees. There it is. One more Izzie. So the final step in this passing progression is adding the platform in. And some things that we want to be focusing on with partner passing
are: pass and hold, so what I mean
by that is, I want them once the ball comes to them to really emphasize freezing after they pass and that is so that
coaches and players can evaluate what is going on with their body. If their feet are in the right position. If their shoulders are above their knees. If their
platform is too high or too low. So, ideally our platform is right in the middle
of too low and too high. So were going to pass and hold in this position. If Mattie here has to shuffle to her left, we
want her hips to always be facing the target. So when she shuffles to her left then passes and holds. Ideally we want her
to have her left foot a little bit more forward than her right. Ideally we want her left foot a little
bit more forward than her right foot. And so her hips are facing back towards Izzie. If she
were to change and put her right foot forward. There we go. Her hips naturally kind of face away from the target. So, I teach, and there are multiple ways to teach this, but I
teach left foot forward, when she’s passing from the left side. If she were to shuffle over here,
and pass on the right side, Then our right foot is a little bit forward so her
hips can naturally facing back to the Izzie. So ideally we are taking every ball in our
mid line and not reaching outside. It’s easiest to pass straight on our mid
line with our hips facing our target. Okay. So let’s do a couple of practice passes. There you go. Pass and hold. Pass and hold. There were go. So, you want to
avoid any kind of big swinging motions. You kind of want to think about pushing the
ball, more than swinging at the ball. So that is what the whole drill emphasizes
is “No swing, just a push.” Pass and hold. Good Pass and hold. Good

David Frank



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