April 6, 2020
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The Healthy Habit Of Racquetball | Living Healthy Chicago

(title zooms) – Okay, a little bit of
friendly competition mixed in with a great workout can add up to the perfect healthy
habit for many of us. So let’s meet a man
who says racquetball is that exact equation for him. (upbeat music) (racquetball bounces) Sometimes the best way to
pick up a healthy habit is to find out what
works for others. – Hi, my name is Steve. I’m a lawyer. My healthy habit is
playing racquetball. I love to play racquetball
because it’s a great workout and a great way to play
a competitive sport. (racquetball bounces) (upbeat music) – Steve, racquetball is such
a cool and fun healthy habit. How did you get into it? You know, I started playing
when I was in college. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a great workout, and it’s a great way to
play a competitive sport. You get out there and sweat and get after it and
compete with your friends. – I would imagine it’s
got you on your toes. It’s got you running around. You’re gonna get a
great physical workout. – Absolutely, it’s a
great cardio workout. You know, you’re running
around out there, but it’s also a great
anaerobic workout because there’s a lot of
starting and stopping and, throughout the
course of a match, it also works your hand-eye
coordination a little bit because you gotta put your
body in the right position. – [Jane] So talk a little bit
about the mental benefits. You’re on the court. Your stress levels go down, and mentally it’s
sort of a break. – [Steve] I take
it out on the ball. One of the things I tell myself when I go in there is
just get lost in the game. Forget about everything
that’s going on with my work life,
my personal life. Just play. (rock music) – How do you find time
to fit in racquetball? Seems like it’s gonna
take up a lot of your day. – You know, you make time. I like to get up. I like to be active. I like to move around, and
that’s why I love to play. I don’t have a set schedule,
and I have a couple friends that don’t have set
schedules either. So we can kind of plan a time
to play around our schedules. – I’ve never played racquetball. Can you–
– Today’s the day. – You show me a couple–
– Absolutely. – A couple moves? (rock music) (racquetball bounces) If you have a healthy habit
you want us to check out, let us know on Facebook,
Twitter, or Instagram and you can see it featured
right here on the show. Okay, Steve, I’m ready. Let’s go. (title zooms)

David Frank