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The Institute for sports facilities Maribor (Športni objekti Maribor)

Maribor is the second largest Slovenian city. It is economic, cultural, academic
and sports centre of north-eastern Slovenia. Here every citizen or visitor
can find baldness, courtesy and hospitality. And all these vibrations are united in sports. Something you can feel in our sporting facilities. In Maribor we are proud of our rich
and high quality sports infrastructure. Modern sports facilities, solid athletic collectives,
tough athletes and experienced professionals assure the future development of sports in Maribor. The Institute for sports facilities Maribor is responsible for
the organisation and maintenance of sports facilities for following ongoing development in individual sports
and to be ready for competitions on both national and international level. Tabor hall is a sport facility, where athletes from Maribor’s clubs train and compete. The main hall which can accommodate
up to 3900 visitors, is suitable for basketball, volleyball and handball. as well as for the organisation of various events. Along the main hall there is also a sports hall
for table tennis, bowling with six lanes, a fitness gym, a hall for martial arts a massage room, a conference room and an orderly cafe point. Top concerts, a visit by the Dalai Lama and off course
sporting competitions at the highest international level have brought the names Tabor and Maribor
around the entire world. The Ice hall offers excellent conditions for sports on the ice, and boasts a modern tribune that can accommodate 2100 visitor
plus a wardrobe area. On the artificial ice ring, Maribor’s ice hockey and
BAVARIAN curling players as well as foreign teams, practice and compete all year round. When not occupied the Ice hall is opened
to recreational ice skaters and is suitable for entertainment shows and other events. In addition to its excellent geographical location and high quality paths the Athletic stadium Poljane
is also characterized by good conditions for the training of all disciplines of athletics. It is one of a few stadiums in Slovenia which has been
exclusively designed for athletics. In Poljane we can find year round preparations for Slovenian skiers
and some other sports collectives who have chosen
sports facilities in Maribor for their preparations. Železničar hall offers good conditions for badminton,
basketball and volleyball. There you will find six badminton courts enabling high quality training for both professional and recreational athletes. It’s also visited by smallest sporting collectives
who organize their recreation by themselves. The Tennis park Tabor is the best tennis camp in Slovenia. This isn’t a speculation but a confirmed title
that it won from the Tennis association of Slovenia. Thirteen outdoor courts and a new tennis hall with three courts
provide superior training conditions for the most demanding athletes. Annually there are three international tournaments
that attract competitors from different countries to come to Maribor. Our football fields because of their size
and the quality of their lawns can provide training and recreation to several groups at the same time. On the main field where in summer competitions are held
foreign clubs train. There is tranquillity in Sports park and most importantly
there is a quality lawn. The main event stadium Ljudski vrt is used
for sports training and football competitions, and for the organisation of cultural and
entertainment events. The football playing surface is known as the best
in Slovenia for national team matches. The stadium allows for the implementation of
preparatory matches of higher ranking clubs as well. The sports hall Ljudski vrt – Lukna
has the largest floor area in the country. It’s suitable for sports practise
and competitions in handball, basketball volleyball, futsal, badminton, table tennis,
martial arts and rhythmic gymnastics. There are also organized cultural and
entertainment events. On the tribune there are 2100 seats
and for larger events another 500 seats can be added. The core of the race course in Kamnica
is the 800 meter trotting track on which international trotting contest are held. Along the track there are areas for riding dressage
and show jumping and there are also 36 stables for horses. A lively club life and nicely decorated pub
give Hipodrom Kamnica a positive vibe. Maribor island, our unique river island, has been protected
as a natural attraction since early 1951. In 1992 it also became a natural monument. Their bathers can enjoy three pools, a large Olympic seized one,
as well as the mid sized and a small pool for children. For visitors we also offer some other sports
and entertainment for children. Pristan is one of the most modern spas in Slovenia.
It provides a modern Olympic swimming pool a shorter 25 meters swimming pool and a children’s pool, which enables top competitions, training and sports preparations
in water sports like swimming and water polo and recently also diving and water basketball. Pristan does not only serve competitive sports.
It is also a centre of recreational and social activities. Nice saunas, modern fitness room, restaurant and massage saloon offering visitors a variety of pleasures. Become a part of this successful sport story,
written by more than one and a half million sports fans every year in Maribor. Enter the world of sports. Maribor expects you.

David Frank