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THE NEW GUYS!!! | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 17

Spike Volleyball Gameplay Ps4 Xbox One PC Steam Yes Guy Gaming Pro Volleyball Game ps4 volleyball video game okay so I just got to keep in mind that
number five sucks and everyone else is pretty good number five serving however welcome back – yes guy gave me
we’re back playing spike volleyball having a blast playing through this game
actually not because the game is any good because there’s a bunch of crazy
stuff happening last time we played the semi-finals of this world tournament we
got a couple of new recruits that I’m excited to see what they’re capable of
doing a new middle and a new opposite so you know we’re gonna look to be going
for some bounces out of the middle and the right guys if you haven’t already
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hopefully you like it if you do leave a like anyways enough chatter let’s dip to
who’s team these guys I’m plenty laziest pepper I’ve never cease evening it’s as
you said number 17 morrow yeah those uniforms all of that cannot read
anybody’s names did that coach Zoe probably the same coaches the other team
let secret yeah if it’s the same guy it’s the exact same dude as the last
episode and I coach three teams that are the exact same coach and the refs the
same dudes again all these doppelgangers or it’s the same guys I don’t know here
we are enough of that garbage let’s get to the
game alright here we go I was working on some sharp it’s last
time we’ll see if I can get it going this time pound this one down the line
res ass is that this guy’s name nice sir buddy let’s get a block outside do I
have any new oil there’s a dig it’s my new opposite guy let’s see what you got
money pounded yeah yeah that guy pounded it he is
better is this the middle guy I don’t know their numbers whatever pound it
this guy’s got us some strength on the serve which is good okay who are they
setting just react back set successful block what I’m jamming the button and
the guy doesn’t even go for it on the Jumbo what geez let’s go boys pass up
whoa what the hell is going on this is a joke right now you see it all of a
sudden speed up like that whoa this guy must have the most powerful
serve in the lead what the click is real on this level the click by the way is a
framerate skip because of the performance and so it misses button
inputs that’s the click and I hate it let’s see
if I can get an ace to earn some of that shit back Muro let’s go buddy I’m pissed
now start off feeling pretty good without a pass go to this prick and
Clare got ripping aces at the start let’s frickin go hit that serve again
perfect serve in the corner he can handle it though shoot yep there’s a dig
set the middle guy bounced it buddy oh this guys getting along just fine he’s
looking yoked actually this fricking jacked you kidding me and he’s picking
up where we left off although I think that’s the middle I had before actually
it is the middle I had before I didn’t never notice how jacked he was please go
in alright skip this it’s for all we’re somehow in a fight early in this match I
guess it is a final so they’re trying to ran but geez this guy set the middle he
passed it that was dumb they called for a timeout
we needed that timeout we needed a moment to refocus all right boys let’s
go there’s a sir we can pass set the right side guy look for the ultimate
bounce what what just happened are you serious that is brutal just got
worse he can’t bounce leave it thank you all right I’m freakin pissed let’s go just be my new middle guys in the front
row yeah as I can tell it’s that really pasty white guy it’s at a block new guy
with a successful blog let’s go welcome to the squad buddy get out first play in
his first game it’s a frickin block all right move all the way over here buddy I
know this guy’s a middle but whatever we’re hit this down the line yeah
perfect perfect sir one-armed bandits all over that what’s happening leave it
yep there’s a dig set the right side guy he is he any good he’s less good or who
is that what are these guys I gotta figure out who’s who set this right side
again bounce it buddy let’s go oh man a guy buried that that’s a bounce I love
that although he what who’s the guy okay can I check my lineup remind me to
check my lineup for the next time out just pound it over there that guy that
click the click thing I can tell because it just stutters for a second pissing me
off whoa I made the dig though what a set
whoops well that’s know that guy feasted on
that and I got a lucky day I got a block I gotta make sure I block
because they can’t pound if I serve this guy he’s out of the play so they have to
set this guy well they set the pipe I’ll take that
easy set the guy in the front row who’s this
come on I wasn’t even aiming that sharp and the guy hits it in the net like an
idiot there we go run this new middle guy can he bounce why why is that happening
geez set him again like this guy might somehow be worse than the last guy I had
I don’t know jeez can I get an ace down this sideline mm maybe not where’s it
going back set there’s a jig set the C ball why the new guy can’t hit it well
either whoa that’s a high ball yeah set that guy pound it come on what the hell
is going on there like you just pounds in the net whoa is it gonna do it again
no he scores this time what G okay number five is the worst player on the
team that’s Adam Taylor he sucks so he’s the guy’s been hitting it in the net a
bunch the new right side guy is number 22 okay so he okay and the new middle
guy is number 21 21 20 22 really couldn’t picked a different number okay
so I just got to keep in mind that number 5 sucks and everyone else is
pretty good number 5 serving Jeep you heard me talking shit about him he
said oh yeah watch me rip this ace did you do it again Taylor all will be
forgiven if you get another ace didn’t even handle this game right now
you guys what can you go for three in a row Taylor
taking the most risk I’ve taken on this sir I do not I cannot handle this right
now four in a row four in a row Taylor can you do it I I’m running out of
things to say I got nothing you guys what this guy’s the shittiest player on
my team hits into the net because of the Dan click like four times and then basis
for this alright here we go start upset number two let’s see if I
can figure some things out like it seems weird that my like I was bouncing so
hard last game out nice now the click is affecting the other team that feels so
good can we get an ace down this corner maybe
not yet out there on this guy Oh in the net nice they all simultaneously did the
same animation did you see that all right here we go
find that corner find the corner he’s all over that Brunel I don’t even know what happened
there sorry I’m just go set the new guy this is the new guy man that guy is good
did you see that yeah I know he got done but oh I’m not guy hits it out of
balance number 22 is good I’m gonna set him every single time absolutely
he’s a bit weird though like his timings kind of off it’s a bit strange who was
hitting that said number 22 can I get an actual balance this time buddy what what is up with this guy he looks like he’s up so high he’s got
his waist over the net but he connects on it so low I wonder if his attacker is
less than the guy at before geez all right here we go serve it over at
that guy yeah you got it nice serve buddy they got to go this way geez man I’m gonna battle all of a
sudden like what am I gonna need to rip fiveaces for the win again come on with
this game really yep set number 22 he’s I can’t figure it out
that was a net flip what he’s like way up there looks huge low height yeah so
Matthew Taylor’s attack height is 76 and murrow’s is 87 some roses way up there
Matthew Taylor is the same as Adam Taylor what about this guy’s are all
similar on the attack I’d accept my rose way up there all right looks like I got
to be set in a row then hit that serve Taylor really dude really man that cup
maybe he hits the sea ball well cuz he’s got strong power oh god this game giveth
and it taketh away like last game was a ton of fun if you didn’t see that
episode link in the description but this game is being incredibly frustrating
let’s try the sea ball and have him pound it got free balled yeah there’s a
dig yes let the middle guy jeez what do I do and that worked I will take it all
right Taylor now would be a good time for a few aces but let’s see if we can
recreate some of that magic you guys like I hi I don’t know what it
is it’s this guy in this rotation oh but that one was like the better serve ever
pipe down on that go jeez it’s guys gonna crush the C ball knit flipper yes
Taylor you’re learning buddy welcome to the squad only net flippers all right
Taylor find the court buddy because I puts this hand up like yeah that was my
bad yeah dude you left it and it landed right in you idiot
do it again this is the finals of this tournament guys like it’s easy to forget
that sometimes they are not going left side height oh go yeah set set Muro cuz
he gets up jeez they dug him I should try to bounce it harder yes though it
scores come on Big Time in the talking to from Coach Ike all right boys better
get some more net flippers yeah coach we’re trying all right Taylor let’s see
if we can get another ace buddy would be great he’s all over although he did
shank it back set – whoa God this new guy I am pissed off with this new guy
he’s made some phenomenal plays but he’s also made some boneheaded plays what
he’s freaking jacks too though look at him he’s what this new clique that’s the
first time the clique has ever made me miss a setting input awful get up her oh
and bounce it buddy they actually got a successful block I
mean brutal now it’s ten eight all right let’s go set this new middle guy I’m
nervous about it yes it worked though geez like I feel like the guys I had
before we’re better find that spot Galliard
okay fine there’s it dig set the guy in the front it click again down the line
oh what a dig by that time but nobody gets it yes that looks so terrible
I hate scoring like that I want to see it hit the floor come on
alright Galliard let’s go find that corner buddy it’s wide open for you now
Jess come on let’s go you again yeah again to click at all all right watch
the middle yeah there’s a dig why did that happen
see ball pound it buddy new guy stressing me out but geez maybe
just nervous cuz his first game nice bounce big guy he’s jacked – I will lie
I yes nice bounce I think I’m only gonna play
the guys with the biggest spike touch like obviously everybody can pass it’s
all me nothing to do with them get out there
block the shit jeez another click on the block this time yeah that went way out
of bounds actually fair enough once I know for the match and the
tournament go to middle bounce it the actual quick bounce for the winning yes
you better be hype about that boys big tournament win no thanks to you number
22 coach t20 yes tournament win boys nice beater ran in the final for the big
win well done remain hit kept our top spot as top team in the world we are Wed
nice you’ve got to be king kidding me I sent all my agents I said the best
people to a three-star outside hitter tournament that lasted three matches and
these guys came back with out any players are you kidding me that’s
bullshit alright guys well that’s gonna do it for this episode of spike
volleyball it feels like every game I play it’s like one game it’s a ton of
fun there’s a lot of coasts out next game the game – pissing me off like that has been the story of this game but
I gotta thank you guys so much for watching and sticking all the way
through this video thank you for the support means a lot to me if you haven’t
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gaming to people or other volleyball fans you know I really appreciate that
would help the channel grow and I could do a lot more cool stuff with this like
this in the future and it’s a ton of fun for me so I appreciate it but thank you
guys again so much for watching and we hope to see you next time
on it yes guy gaming Spike Volleyball Gameplay Ps4 Xbox One PC Steam Yes Guy Gaming Pro Volleyball Game ps4 volleyball video game

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