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The Rules of Hockey (Field Hockey) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains The Rules of Field Hockey
Field Hockey more commonly known as just hockey, is a
game play with two teams of 16 with 11 players taking to the field
at any one time. They consist of one goalkeeper three defenders, four midfielders and
three forwards. The object of the game is for your team
score more goals than the opposing team. To score a goal, a player must use their
hockey stick and shoot the ball into the goal. The
ball must completely cross the goal line for the goals to count. The field is
100 yards long by 60 yards wide and there are lines at the halfway point and at 23 meters Goals are 12 feet wide and 7 feet high
and surrounding the goals are the shooting circles which form a 50 meter radius around the
goals. The winner the coin toss starts the game. Once team has possession of the ball
they will try and move the ball towards the opposing goalkeeper and try and score. You can pass the ball
directly between team mates. Lift the ball so long as there’s no one
in the way, or dribble the ball by running and controlling the ball with the
flat side the stick only. Unlike in ice hockey, a field hockey
stick has a flat side and a rounded side and you’re only allowed to touch the ball
with the flat side stick. Should you touch the ball with the wrong
side of the stick, the other team will be awarded possession of the ball. The idea is to set up in good field
position to be able to shoot the ball towards the goal. The opposing team will try and stop you
by tackling. They are allowed to try and take the ball away from you from the front or from the side. However
they cannot tackle you from behind nor can more than one player try and tackle a ball carrier at any one time. They will try and take the ball away
from you so that they can score themselves The game is played in two 35-minute halves for combined playing time of 70 minutes Highest score at the end of time wins. If
the game is tied at the end of time a draw can be declared, or if it’s a
knockout competition extra time and penalty shootouts can be used to determine the winner. That’s basically the gist of it, but there’s a few other things you’ll need to understand before playing or going to a game. For example:
Substitution There are unlimited substitutions in field
hockey, and they can be made at any time so long as the player be substituted comes
off first. Free Hit. A free hit is awarded to the
other team if a player kicks the ball If a player touches it with any part of the
body except the stick. If there’s more than one person trying
to tackle ball carrier or by deliberately causing an obstruction or intentionally shielding the ball
and getting in the way. Dangerous Play. Dangerous Play is usually excessive body
contact with another player. It can also be using the stick in a
dangerous manner, playing the ball dangerously by lifting the ball within five
meters above the player, or playing the ball dangerously above shoulder height. Dangerous play
can be punished by either a green card which is a warning, a yellow card where the
players sent off temporarily for five minutes or a red card where you are sent off the pitch without substitution. Long Corner: If a defender
unintentionally hits the ball behind the goal-line a long corn is awarded to the attacking team at one of the long corner marks at each of the field. Penalty Corner: more
commonly known as a ‘short corner’ this is awarded if a defender
deliberately hits the ball behind their own goal line. The attacking
team places the ball at the short corner mark inside the circle, and only the goalkeeper and four defenders can guard the net All other players must be outside the circle.
The ball is then hit into play and is usually stopped and then shot
towards the goal. Penalty Stroke: If a defender intentionally fouls a player with a legitimate chance to score, a penalty stroke will be awarded to the attacking team. The ball is placed on the ground at the penalty spot, and just like ice hockey it’s one shot only.
Any goals scored count towards the overall score. Penalty Shootout.
For games where a winner must be determined in the event of a draw, a penalty shootout may occur. There are 5 shooters on each team and each one is are allowed 8 seconds to shoot the ball Only the goalkeeper is allowed to guard the net and any rebounds can be shot into the goal so long as 8 seconds has not expired. Team in the most goals after the
shoot-out wins. Now that’s a lot to take in, but as you watch or play field hockey the rules will become clear. If you found
this video helpful please like comment, share & subscribe. It
takes me ages to make one of the things and good karma is very much
appreciated. If you’re also on Reddit you can post this video and discuss it there, but in the meantime … enjoy field hockey
or just hockey if you prefer?! Ninh Ly,, @NinhLyUK

David Frank



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