April 2, 2020
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The Season: Ole Miss Volleyball – Showdown In Athens

(pensive music) (spirited music) (energetic rock guitar music) – Listen. We’ve got about
an hour and a half here. We need to be focused. We’re doing this in our gym so that we can have more energy and get more out of it
going in to tomorrow. Y’all said y’all liked this? – [Voiceover] Yeah. – We’ve got nine more matches. We’re gonna need to be six and three, seven and two, to be talking about NCAA Tournament. So, it starts now with our
mental preparation with Georgia. Okay. We’ve got to be ready to go. All right. Let’s get
after it. (hands clapping) (energetic rock music) You’re always ready. You take two swings and you’re ready. I asked the wrong person. You’re like swing one,
“All right. Let’s do it.” Even when you toss it high and you’re missing in the net, it’s ’cause you’re lowering your elbow. When you were making an extended swing, it was good. That probably shouldn’t
go right back to her if she steps in and passes, and it goes eight feet off ’cause she’s not gonna
be able to transition. Don’t get to tight.
Here we go! (hands clap) (energetic rock guitar music) – If I could have I know if I could leap to a standing ovation, it’s
not ’cause I’m injured, that’s a plus. If you’ll get a little
bit more behind her, it’s gonna shorten up your approach and allow you to jump higher. When you’re taking these long steps, it’s really hard to plant
and go up instead of out. Remember, everybody’s gonna have about probably 45 minutes to get ready and then be at the airport at 5:15 so we can take off by 5:30, okay? Let’s get loaded. Let’s get gone so that we’re not eating super late tonight, okay? All right. Good job. – [Voiceover] Together on
three! One, two, three! – [Girls] Together! – [Voiceover] Don’t forget
about your smoothies. – [Voiceover] In year two
of the McRoberts’ era, a strong first recruiting class means a bright future for Ole Miss volleyball. Included in that class is
sophomore transfer, Kate Gibson. – I lived in California and I was playing soccer. I hated it. (chuckles) I hated it so much. Then one of my best friends
quit the soccer team and was like, “I’m going
to go play volleyball, “try out.” So she did and she was like, “Kate, I love it. I love it.” So I was like, “Mom, I’m
gonna go play with Taylor. “I’m tired of soccer.” So I went to practice. I was originally just sitting there on the bleachers watching them play. Then the coach was
like, “Wanna come play?” I was like, “Okay. Yeah, I’ll come play.” Then after practice, she was like, “You wanna be on the team?” I turned and I was like, “Yes! I want to.” My mom was like, “Whoa! Slow your roll.” So I was playing soccer and volleyball. Then when soccer was done, I
never played again. (chuckles) (chuckling) It was just
volleyball from there. (laughs) I would go to qualifiers
and end up getting letters or emails from coaches. Then I kind of realized, “Wow! “I need to start really
looking into these schools “because it’s normal to
commit spring of junior year.” Once I decided on Memphis, it was like a weight
lifted off my shoulder. Then when I decided to transfer again, it was starting completely over again. – Recruiting was already done here for that class when I got here. So as a coach you gotta move on and you get to the next class. You kinda lose touch with
where a player’s going that maybe you were even recruiting, and talking to, and that sort of thing. So really it wasn’t until
we started watching film for Memphis last year that
I actually noticed Kate. – I was talking to my
parents and I was like, “I don’t want to stay here anymore.” So we were just talking
about schools between us so when I asked for my release, I had a list between my parents and I of where I wanna go or at least talk to. – [Coach McRoberts] Pretty
soon after we had finished the spring season, we got a release email from her that she was interested
to coming to Ole Miss and we got really excited about that, and opened up that line
of communication again. We’re just really
excited to have her here. – [Kate] The team was awesome. I loved Aub, loved Mel, Kristen, just everyone made me feel at home. Then the campus is beautiful. I’m playing in the SEC which is one of my dreams
from when I was little. It just felt comfortable and at home. – She fits in really well, actually. She’s got the best
personality I’ve ever seen. She knows when to be funny and goofy, and then when to click in and be serious. She has moments where she steps up and is a leader on the court. – I mean, she’s a person that you can instantly get along with. She has that quirky, friendly personality that everyone seems to gravitate towards. So personality wise, she fit in well. (Kate screams) (team and audience cheering) – [Voiceover] Kate Gibson! Add
time of four onto the clock! – [Melanie] We have a lot of depth in the outside spot this year. It’s awesome to have another
weapon on the outside that I know I can set
and she’ll terminate. – Well number one, I think
she just totally fits into the team scenario. She’s a hard worker. She’s a good teammate. I think she just gets the
competitiveness of the sport. I understand she wants
to play at a high level so she understands that she’s in a group of great players, and that she’s gotta play at a high level consistently to be on the floor. She’s willing to put in the extra time and effort to do that. I mean, she’s consistently,
on a daily basis, wanting to come in
early to get extra reps. Those are things that
you just love as a coach. – [Kate] Academic wise and school wise, I want to leave with a degree, obviously. That’s why I’m here. But figure out what I
want to do with my life and whether that’s
going to get my master’s or going extra school or
traveling, doing whatever, I hope I can figure it out here. (energetic rock guitar music) – I’m here at the airport,
the Oxford Airport. We are about to head off
to Georgia (chuckles) to play Georgia. (chuckles) – We are getting outta here and going to beat Georgia. – You know what I’m saying. UVa here we come. – Look at all this. Look at this leg room. I can fully extend. See. (energetic rock music) – [Voiceover] Thank you
for choosing RVR Aviation. It has been our pleasure serving you. Have a good night. – Apparently were on six. There’s six floors. You ignore the one. (laughs) This key is pretty good. It opens our doors. Well, it’s a basic hotel room, two beds. They’re really low. – I like the window because
there’s room over here. I like to spread out. – Got our TV to play great movies. – [Kate] We got “Hocus Pocus” on the TV. – [Girl in Glasses] My
favorite Halloween movie. – My favorite part of being on the road, it’s actually we get more
sleep than when we’re at home. – I actually get to sleep in on the road. – I like seeing different universities. That’s pretty neat. – There’s less distractions
when you’re traveling. You’re just with the team which is cool because when we leave
Gillom after practice, we all go our separate ways, but here we don’t get to do that. – Hanging out with Aubrey. – Look at this roomie bond right here. – Gets to sleep in the room with Aub! (hands smacking) Sleepover! – Leave. (chuckles) Now. Bye. – All right. Get outta here! “Hocus Pocus” is on. Shoo! Out! – Get out! We need our sleep. – We have to be up. – Lights out at 11. – We got stuff to do. We’re busy people. We can’t just be showing y’all around a little basic hotel room. So, get out! (pensive music) – Okay. We are going to
watch play by play here. The game against Alabama. They did a lot of different things than all the games that we watched, especially the middles. So most of her hits are coming
this direction over here. Okay. So this is the area that we need. This area is where they need
that the blocking is protected. We need to make adjustments faster. Faster. Sometimes it takes one game, one set, to make adjustment. We need to make the adjustment fast. So we need to pay attention, what’s going on during the game, see what the hitter’s doing or serving. We’ll say, “Hey, she’s hitting line.” We need to the first time go and hit line, okay? And ball control. First contact. Okay? That’s it. Good. (dramatic music) – Where we’re at as a program, everybody in this room, this is coaches and players, we should be working everyday
to improve ourselves. We’re fighting. We’re fighting to make
the NCAA Tournament. They’re fighting for pride. They have a lot of pride in their program. That’s a program that two years ago was in the NCAA Tournament. There’s players on that team that have played in the NCAA Tournament. We want to prove ourselves. We don’t care what your record is. We don’t care what your jersey says. We’re here to beat you, but we need to come out and be ready for the long haul, be ready for long rallies, be mentally prepared for tough sets. If they get one from us, how do we bounce back? If you make a mistake, how do you bounce back? Short memories. – [Voiceover] Georgia leads
the All-Time Series 40 to 16. Ole Miss won the first meeting this season in straight sets down the court. Getting 6-15, some gaudy numbers in the matchup in Oxford. (whistle blows and crowd cheers) And that’s going to go down as an ace. – [Players] Go! Go, go, go! – [Voiceover] A go to the
middle (whistle blows) and “feed the beast”, if you will. Desiree McCray has been a monster so far in this match. (dramatic music) (whistle blows) And that’s going to go
just inside the line for Maddie Lobenstein. She picks up her first kill of the night. (dramatic music) They’ve been tied a couple of good times in this opening set. Tied up again at 18. (cheering)
The overpass put down by Kate Gibson. Edie just jumps it over! (whistle blows) You saw the look on
Elle McCord’s face like “Hello, guys.” (dramatic music) Kazor, roll up and (whistle
blows) stand denied! The opening set will go
to the Ole Miss Rebels. – [Voiceover] Despite Ole
Miss claiming set one, the Bulldogs would prove that their bite was indeed as loud as
their bark in set two. – [Voiceover] Set two underway. Aubrey Edie with a service for Ole Miss. Desiree McCray making
her presence known early. (whistle blows, cheering)
– [Voiceover] Point Georgia! Point Georgia! Point Georgia! – [Voiceover] Still
set-point for the Dogs. Edie going right after
Anderson on the serve. (whistle blows) And yes! McCray with the decisive
kill here in this second set. – We’re lucky we’re not down two-O. Really lucky. It’s gonna come down, we’ve given them now the confidence that they can beat us. They are challenging us. We are challenging you. Y’all should be challenging yourselves to come out and play better than that. You’re better than that. We know you’re better than that, but it doesn’t matter. The scoreboard doesn’t lie. So when we come out, it’s zero-zero. We’re playing the best two out of three. We gotta come out with energy. We gotta match their energy. It’s everybody, okay? (hands clap)
Let’s go. – [Team] Go! – [Voiceover] Georgia would race out to an early lead in the third set. However, timely defense would tie the score late for the Rebels. – [Voiceover] Off the
service of Taylor Gill, they’re trying to go (whistle blows) and just add to the tally to seven points. – [Voiceover] Yeah, a little bit off speed right over the block. Defense wasn’t able to recover from it. – [Voiceover] Back to Porter. The block set up nicely for Ole Miss. – [Voiceover] Yeah, she
got trapped right there. That ball was set pretty close to the net. Whoa! – [Voiceover] McCord tight
to the net coming in, though Spencer to make the save. Off the block this time. They’re going to call a net
violation against Georgia. That is the way this set
(whistle blows) will end. – [Coach McRoberts] That’s great. (dramatic music) (cheering) – [Voiceover] That was just a mishit. – [Voiceover] And a roll shot. And it works for Kate Gibson. Devon Porter denied on the right side. – [Voiceover] She took a
nice, hefty swing at that, but I think she just got a
little bit underneath the ball. That’s a big block over
there for Ole Miss. – [Voiceover] Porter, one-on-one. That’s gonna fire up any setter. It is match-point now for the Rebels. Winding up. Thompson (whistle blows) and Ole Miss wax away with a victory. So the Ole Miss Rebels now with the sweep of
Georgia here this season. (dramatic music) – Hey guys, I told you in that second set when they had us down 13-5 or so, that was hard. We played really good volleyball pretty much for the rest of the match. All right, that’s a team that’s fighting for their life to win on their home floor. Well, if you want to be competing with the guys at the
top of the conference, these are the ones we needed. We’ve talked about that all along. Great job! Great win! All right. We’re going to enjoy this. We’re going to enjoy this, but then we know we gotta get better. (spirited rock music)

David Frank