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The Sheep Farming Brothers Aiming at Curling Gold at PyeongChang 2018 | Day Jobs

FARMERS (CURLING, GREAT BRITAIN) I am one of those people where I am not good
at being bad at things. If I want to do something, I either have to try
and be the best at it or just not do it at all. It relates to here on the farm and it is the same
with the curling. If I’m going to compete,
I want to be the best. I guess it starts because
you’re born and brought up into it and then once you start
competing and winning games, I guess it is that addiction
to the adrenaline, or winning. Me and my brother have just
been brought up in a family that’s like that. I am Glen Muirhead and I am a self-employed
sheep farmer. I am Thomas Muirhead, a farmer here
in Highland Perthshire. My lifelong ambition
is to become an Olympian. My goal is to achieve
a gold medal at the Winter Olympic Games. (PERTHSHIRE, SCOTLAND) In the morning,
we are up about 5.30. We’ll be out
on the farm at six o’clock. A lot of the sheep get fed
twice a day, so one of us will deal
with that. While the other then will
go round making sure all the pens in the
shed are fed and watered, cattle have got silage,
the Texels are fed. It is good working along
with your brother because sometimes when things
need to be said, you say it. She’s not playing ball now. We have the odd argument along
the way but at the end of the day we’d
be lost without each other. We’re both good at what we do
and we help each other out if there’s ever any problems,
you know. Having Thomas,
my brother there, to help out is second to none,
to be honest, it’s great. Dad taught us how to lamb
sheep when we were wee kids. We’ve just learnt how
to do it over the years and it’s a way of life. We have to farm
to make a living. At the moment, the curling is put to one side
just for a wee while. We’re still training but we have to concentrate and
focus fully on what we need to do in
the farm here to have a successful spring. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of
lambs and calves on the ground to hopefully make it to market
at the end of the summer. There is definitely
a balance between where you are
putting your hours – are they going into
the curling or into the farm? At the minute it is 50/50, but, you know,
ideally I’d like to see more hours going into the
curling side of things and slightly less
in the farming side of things. I started curling
when I was maybe six years old. I’d been dragged along
to ice rinks by Mum and Dad to support family members
competing in competitions. It’s something that has
always been in the family. I started curling as long as
I can remember, just as a kid, born and brought up
next door to an ice rink. My dad was a competitive
curler in his own right and I think just
watching video footage back of him compete at a high level made me want
to idolise my dad, if you like, like most kids do,
and it just led from there. They used to come along if I was playing a Scottish
championship, Perth Masters, things like that and I think that is probably
where they got the bug. I was in the Olympics in 1992 in Albertville in
France, but curling at that time was a demonstration sport. We were trying to get
curling into the Olympics and I like to think
that we might have been part of the reason it got in, because after we were there
in ’92 it was taken on
as a full medal sport. (SOCHI 2014) Watching Dad from such
a young age achieve what he did and then go on to watch Eve win a bronze medal at the
Olympics… ..it has given me the drive to be up there alongside
her hopefully one day. Surreal, really,
seeing Eve on the telly competing on the biggest stage
in the sporting world. As an Olympian, I was
a bronze medallist in 2014. So, for me that was
a massive achievement and I put in
a lot of effort to get there. OK. It is great –
you can discuss it with Eve. She will tell you how it feels and give the odd bit
of advice along the way You’re maybe just a hair high. OK. Good. For me, I’d do anything
to help my brothers get better. I’d like to think that I am acting like a role model
to them, and acting like someone they
want to be as good as, if not better. I think one of the main reasons
I love farming is seeing results of all your
hard work through the winter, making sure you are feeding
all the animals correctly, knowing they are pregnant, and then helping them give
birth to nice healthy offspring. That is your reward for
your winter’s work, I guess. It’s almost like the feeling when you make a great shot at
the curling. You pull that lamb out and
it takes its first gasp of air. There is no greater feeling
than that, really, other than hopefully winning
a gold medal at the Olympics. – Glen, do you want coffee?
– Yes, please. I really, really have a lot
of time for my two brothers. The amount they do with
sport… Like here in the farm, they are working from four in
the morning until 12 at night. Then you think,
“What really could they do “if they focused fully on
the sport of curling “like I do myself?” Unfortunately, Eve maybe holds
the bragging rights in the family at the moment, but we are definitely set out
to chop that on the head. Let’s hope. Have to mix this milk up probably three, four times a
day, just for the lambs
that have lost a mother. It’s been a long day –
up at half past five. So we just need to make sure
everything in the shed has to have hay and water
before we go to bed. I guess anything I do
I want to be the best at. The ultimate in curling
or any sport is the Olympics. So, for me, it is
a lifetime ambition and goal. When you’re competing
on such a high level, it is hard to be so competitive and competing against
a family member. It is something that
probably not a lot of families have experienced but we’ve
just learnt to deal with it.

David Frank



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    Very hard working guys !! Good job. You guys will succed 🔩🔩🔩

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    It's a sport as you need tremendous upper arm strength, otherwise your arms will feel like they are on fire.