March 31, 2020
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The “T” in Squash : The “T” in Squash: 1-step Backhand

Ok, covering the court with one step, I want
to be able to get to the back of the front-court, the mid-court, and the front of the back-court.
So, if I’m under extreme pressure, I don’t have time to really do anything except step
and react. So, this type of movement drill, I want you to practice this, you’re right
here, you just lunge and get the ball. So, if somebody hit a big shot, all I do, all
I can do is have time to just put my racket on it, and with enough practice I might be
able to hit something decent out of it. If the ball comes to the mid-court, I want you
just to learn to step like that quickly, or you can even go an open stance. In this situation,
sometimes you can hit a good lob, or a cone or drop, or pop the ball back, but you’re
not going to get a lot of pace on it, because you’re under a lot of pressure with an open
stance. And, then you’ve got to go into the back court, so you might go like this, trying
to just get the ball back. You’re under pressure, you’re not going to win this point on this
shot, most likely, but you’ve got to keep the point going. So, you want to either go
with this foot and hit it, or you’re just going to go back and probably boast it, but
you might be able to do something else if you get a good body turn. So, what I want
you to practice at home or on the court is just a one step shot, you’re just going to
lunge, just like that. So, really pretend that the ball is coming to you and make it
real so when you get under pressure, you’ll be able to hit this shot. But, being able
to cover a large amount of the court with one step is very valuable.

David Frank