April 7, 2020
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The “T” in Squash : The “T” in Squash is Important

Okay, in squash, we have concept, the T. So,
you can see right here why it’s called the T. So, in squash, if you can get to the T,
you can get to virtually every ball. If you’ve been watching some of the segments we’ve put
together, you can see that from the T you should be able to step to virtually every
portion of the court very quickly and very efficiently. So, in this series of segments
we’re going to talk about why the T is important, how to get to the T, why it’s important to
be here. The T is also a flexible concept, so I want you to think about, you can be at
the T and be here, you don’t have to be standing right like this on the T. So, you can be here,
you can be here, you can be here. So, the T really refers to a portion of the court,
somewhat the middle of the court. So, what we’re going to do in this segment is show
you what the appropriate place to stand is. But, the best way to get that knowledge is
to do your ghosting, to do your practices, play matches and over time you’ll really figure
out where the best place to stand for the best results will be.

David Frank