March 31, 2020
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They’re Moving Up A Division 🏐 Club Volleyball Tournament |

– Alright boys and girls, it’s about that time for
another volleyball tournament. Back to back weekends. That doesn’t happen very often. – Nope.
– Nope. We’re here in way, way, way, way southeast Arizona. It’s like borderline
Apache Junction/ San Tan Village/Queen Creek. Like we are way,
way out here guys. Yeah, way out here. Black dot on my forehead. I’m getting ready to
throw this camera away. (indistinct chatter) (Clintus groans) – [Tiffany] Oh no.
– [Clintus] No. Nice! Nice! Hmm. – [Tiffany] Nice.
– [Clintus] Nice, Jayden. – [Tiffany] That was good. Yes!
– [Clintus] Good jobs. Nice! Yes! – [Tiffany] Oh.
All day, all day. – [Clintus] All day. Nice Sierra! (laughs) (cheers cheers and applause) Woo! Nice, Katie! (laughs) – [Tiffany] Yes.
– [Clintus] Nice Sierra. There it is. That’s what she’s
been trying all morning. Yes! Nice up. There it is,
there it is, there it is. – [Tiffany] Back up, back up. – [Clintus] Straight hit. Good save, good save! Ah. Come on, Sierra. Nice. – [Tiffany] Nice.
– [Clintus] Perfect serve. Perfect! – [Man] Yeah!
– [Clintus] Yes! Yeah, oh! That one she didn’t touch.
That one she didn’t touch. (laughs) Oh! Nice push, nice push. Yeah!
(crowd applause and cheers) – [Tiffany] That was beautiful. – [Clintus] Great serve.
Right on the line. Yes! Perfect! – [Tiffany] On the serves? (Clintus groans) – [Clintus] Nice!
(laughs) Woo! Good save, good save. Ooh, that was a little early. She got it though. Oh yeah. I didn’t realize
that was the last point. Woo! Just like that. It was in!
We’ll take it. Let’s go, Chica! Woo! (Clintus groans) Oh man, such a good serve. Oh, oh! That woulda been out.
We got saved. Oh, that was in. (laughs) Good up, good up. Out. (whistle blows) Great serve, great serve. Woo! Oh! Woo! Good dig, good dig. Nice, Abby. (crowd cheers and applause) Out! Ooh, good save!
Good save, good save! Yes! Yes! Ooh! There you go, Sierra. Nice, nice, nice. – [Woman] Woo! – [Clintus] Nice, Kayleigh. Oh! Nice! Ooh, oh! Wow, she saved us. Nice! Nice! Nice, Sierra!
– [Mamaw] Good job, Sierra. – [Clintus] Ooh, perfect. Oh! Nice. Nice. Ah. Nice, Abby. Tip! Good save. Tip! Good save! – [Woman 2] There you go. – [Clintus] Good serve. Nice! They’ve got those blocks, man.
They’ve got great blocks. Nice, Sierra.
Nice, Sierra! (crowd cheers and applause) Woo! Nice, back up, back up,
back up, back up. Somebody back up.
Somebody back up. – [Tiffany] There you go.
Yes! – [Clintus] Nice! Yeah! Great serve. Woo! Oh! Nice. Woo. Perfect, perfect.
(laughs) – [Man 2] Out!
– [Clintus] Ooh, in! Oh. Nice, Sierra. Oh! Nice! Nice hit. Yeah! It’s game point. So how’d we end up? – Two and one.
– Two and one. – And the last game we
went against our own club. – 14s Nationals.
– SVA Crush, – 14s Nationals
against the 13s Nationals. – Yeah.
– You guys ended up losing. So does that put
you in second place? In the tournament?
– Yeah, in the tournament, yeah. – In this tournament
they got second place. Pretty good. – [Tiffany] Moving
up a division. – [Clintus] What?
– Moving up a division. – [Clintus] Moving
up a division. Where we going next? – We were in division four so
now we’re up division three. – Division three.
More competition? – Yeah.
– More competition. – I don’t know
what place we are now. We’re like 30…
– Something. – It’s not that–
– Okay. And we were
going into this game, you were
complaining about your hits. I told her I was
going to keep score. She hit 13 over the
net and only missed three. Two in to the net,
one went out of bounds. She was like,
“I’m so bad at hitting. “I’m so bad at hitting.” They’re not consistent but
when it counts, they go over. All that matters. Well guys, we made our way back
home after a long hour and a half drive from Apache
Junction where we were at. As we said in the previous clip, the girls won two
out of three games. The last one being against their 14s National team
of the same club. Girls are really good. They’re taller, they’re stronger
but it was a good game. It was a good game. And we did move up in our
bracket in our division and so we have a two,
like three week gap ’til our next volleyball tournament. Middle of March or
something like that. So girls have
some time to practice. Coach has time to change
things up and should be fun. I’m excited. I always love
watching the kids play sports. Either one. But I feel like I miss a lot
of volleyball so it’s always awesome when I get to
experience the tournament in real life versus
through the lens. In any case,
thanks for watching. We’ll see you
guys on the next one. Vlog on. (electronic music)

David Frank