April 5, 2020
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This or That: Taylor Jarzombek (GCU Beach Volleyball)

– Hi, my name is Taylor Jarzombek and this is a This or That. (electronic music) – [Interviewer] Reality
show or scripted show? – Reality. – [Interviewer] Beach or pool? – Beach. – [Interviewer] Thanksgiving or Christmas? – Christmas. – [Interviewer] Phone or tablet? – Phone. – [Interviewer] Salsa or guac? – Salsa. – [Interviewer] Dine in or take out? – It depends who I’m with. Probably dine in. – [Interviewer] Two week
vacation or study abroad? – Two week vacay. – [Interviewer] Country
music or hip-hop music? – Hip-hop, for sure. – [Interviewer] Reality shows or beach? – Beach. – [Interviewer] Christmas or phone? – Christmas. – [Interviewer] Salsa or dine in? – Dining in with salsa. (laughing loudly) – [Interviewer] Two week
vacation or hip-hop music? – Hip-hop music. – [Interviewer] Beach or Christmas? – Ooh! Beach. – [Interviewer] Dine in
with salsa or hip-hop music? – Hip-hop music. – [Interviewer] Beach or hip-hop music? – Hip-hop music. Beach, I changed my
mind! (laughing loudly)

David Frank