April 4, 2020
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  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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This Week at the J: Week of 9/16

What’s up everyone? My name’s Andy. And I’m
Nick, and this is what’s happening this week at the J. On September 22, join us for the
re-screening of Praying With Lior. September 20 through the 22 is our Smackdown Racquetball
Tournament. So Andy, at the J we have over 200 group exercise classes that are included
for free. Are there any that are being added onto this schedule? There are, so we have
on class coming through, it’s called Transform LIVE, and another one called Mixxed Fit. We’re
really excited about that one because what you’re going to get with that is some hip
hop class, with a little bit of cardio, and some toning. It’s going to be a little bit
of everything, it’s going to be really good. So coming up the week of September 15, we’re
going to have our popular Mom Squad and Dad Bod programs starting at both J locations.
Each of the groups will give you a good mixture of conditioning, strength training, mobility,
and nutritional talks, so you can become the best version of you. Alright Nick, so this
month we have some great youth and adult sports leagues starting, that correct? That is correct.We
have soccer, flag football, basketball, high-energy gymnastics, ballet, tap, and jazz. Alright,
that’s all for kids, right? Yes. Alright, where can we register? You can go online at
jccstl.org, slots are filling up very quickly so make sure you go online and register as
fast as possible. Cool, and then for adults we have basketball, softball, volleyball,
as well as ultimate frisbee. Your fav! Going long! Here I go! Yeah! Whoo!

David Frank