April 3, 2020
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Time And Room Shooting | CoachUp Lacrosse Tips

I’m Mike Stone, midfielder for the Boston
Cannons and CoachUp Coach. And this is Time and Room Shooting. Shooting is an essential part of the game.
Time and Room Shooting means you have time to set up your shot and room from your defenseman
to deliver a hard and accurate shot at the goal. For a hard and accurate shot, think of the
acronym B.E.E.F.. B.E.E.F. stands for Body, Eyes, Elbows, and Follow-through. To start
off, you wanna make sure your body is sideways to the goal. You always want your eyes aiming
the shot, looking directly where you want the ball to go, with your elbows high and
away. And as you step and shoot, accentuate your follow-through, coming all the way to
the ground and scraping the ground outside your front leg during your follow-through.

David Frank