April 8, 2020
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@TorontoPolice ‘TinMen’ & Brampton ‘Fire Demons’ Lacrosse Teams Raise $3500 in Charity Match

Well today we’re at Scotiabank Arena for
a charity lacrosse event it’s the Toronto Police TinMen Lacrosse
Club and we’re playing against the Brampton Fire Demons. Funds today are
going to KidSport Ontario and to Camp F.A.C.E.S. The Toronto Police TinMen lacrosse team has been together since 2005 we’ve traveled all over North
America and tournaments like the World Police and Fire Games, Jam by the Sea in San Diego
to name a couple. Lacrosse is Canada’s national sport. It
actually started back in the 1700s the Aboriginal community started that game, which
is considered as the creator’s game and the majority of the players on both teams are
familiar with this history and we just want to continue that tradition. The
rivalry with the Brampton Fire Demons basically started with the World Police
and Fire Games their first year submitting a team into that event they
came up the silver medal, and unfortunately we didn’t medal that year, so they’ve
been our nemesis ever since then… we do play a lot of charity games with them… so
this again…this is going to be a very competitive game it’s definitely
bragging rights we have fans in the stands from both Fire Services and from
the Police Service so it’s uh.. yeah… it’s
going to be a loud game. [Captain, Brampton Fire Demons] let’s just say that lacrosse is a great sport because you know… it brings everyone
together and toughens you up and keeps you active, keeps you running, keeps moving, and you
know the hand-eye coordination everything like that… … the police and fire… I
mean when it comes down to doing our jobs on the scene we work well together
and we do our jobs, but behind the scenes you know there’s a lot of ribbing and a lot
of back-and-forth you know and I think I think we’re actually a better community
for it since we you know we can take the jokes. We have plans hopefully to make this
a yearly event and get more fire departments involved this year is kind of a trial
run and it’s come together pretty smoothly so far… Yeah, it is definitely a
tough sport, we are playing full-contact today… so you’ll see some of that… it’s
the fastest game on two feet as they say and we do have a
Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association Cup, a great big trophy which
is going to go to the winners but the real winners today are going to be the
charities of course KidSport Ontario and Camp F.A.C.E.S. [music]

David Frank