April 8, 2020
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  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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everyone, I’m Jenny. I’m going to be giving you a
tour of our Markin Recreational Center. Please comment, and I’ll
answer any questions that you have throughout our tour. So ask me any questions you got. Let’s go on in. So to start things off, to my
right is our Health Services. You can go in there, they’re
real doctors and nurses. So when you’re feeling
sick, most of the time they get you in the same day. I was sick earlier
this semester, and they prescribed
me antibiotics, I went and picked it
on campus [INAUDIBLE]. Sounded Just like
that, I was all better. So it’s really cool,
it’s right on campus, so you don’t have to leave
to go see a doctor or nurse, they’re all right here. Also we are one of
the tallest rock walls in the state of Illinois. Here it is. My goal is to climb up
to the letters that spell “Braves” in the rock wall. So can you see them,
it’s right in the middle. Well, if you didn’t
find it, you’re going to have to come to
campus and see it for yourself. Let’s head on in. So, you know, if you
don’t like to work out, you can also come
here to eat food. Jerry’s Juice Bar
has awesome bagels and breakfast sandwiches,
and breakfast smoothies. So let’s say too, after
your workout, you’re like, I know I need a little
boost of energy. You could get an energy
boost enhancement into there, some
protein, some vitamins. Whatever you want
in your smoothie. But the secret is that
breakfast sandwich. It’s the best place
to eat on campus. Over here’s the gates to
get into the workout area. What’s really cool is it’s
free to students, faculty, and staff. They always have people
manning the front desk. Hey, everyone. You can come on in
with your Bradley ID. Also, obviously it’s winter,
and you come with your coat on. So what I like to do is grab
a token from the front desk, and I could put my coat and
mittens in these lockers. So let’s come on over here,
I’m going to check it out. The students love to use
these, or you could also even use the locker
rooms that are actually over here, as well. So let’s say you
wanted to go maybe, take a shower between classes. You could do that. Or you can use these right
here, like I just did. All you do is insert your token,
shut it, turn the little knob. Well, unfortunately, that is
going really good right now. Well, you know what? We’re just going to
pretend like it’s in there. Normally it works, I promise. So let’s come on over to
where all the fun happens here at Markin. Over here we have three
full basketball courts, and none of them are ever
full, so it’s always awesome. You can come and know that
you have a spot to hang out. We have someone playing
basketball right now. You could rent a basketball,
volleyball, badminton, any sport that you
could even think of. You could even rent
flag football equipment if you wanted to. And also what’s cool about
this area is every other month, it’s transformed into
something called Late Night BU, and it’s free for
Bradley students. So you can come here and get
free Bradley gear, free food. I even rode a camel here once. You can do a little
skydiving activity. So come out where I rode– check
out where I rode that camel. And also, too,
what’s really neat is you can rent all this
indoor soccer area. But you don’t just have
to play indoor soccer. My friends and I am involved in
a club on campus called Sonar, which is a marketing,
PR, and advertising club here on campus. And it’s instead of having
a general meeting, we said, you know, why don’t
we just play dodgeball for a general meeting? So we came in here and
we played dodgeball, and it was so much fun,
very spur of the moment. But it’s just one
of the many things that you can do here on campus. You could even get
involved in intramurals. We have men’s, women’s, and
co-rec, A, B, and C leagues. I would definitely
be in the C league, it’s like the couch
potato league. But if you’re really,
really good at sports, definitely do the A league. They set up all the games
for you, really cool. But if you can’t make
a game, no big deal. You can always get somebody
to sub out for you. So come on in. This is our indoor
soccer area, super fun. So you know, right now
it’s really cold outside, you don’t want to
play soccer outside. You can come on in and
play soccer in here. Or dodgeball, like I did. So, keep asking me
questions on there, I know I’ve shown you just a
little bit of the lower level. And actually above
me is a track, and that’s where I’m going
to take you guys next. There’s a few people
running, we’ll go up there and see
what they’re up to. But before we head up
there, I want to show you a fun, little secret room
that you can rent out here at Markin. It’s a little performance court. You could, you know, have
fun little activities there. You could rent it out to play
a basketball game or volleyball game. Actually I’ve had people
rent this area out too, where they’ve had fun
dance competitions, they’ve had a lip sync battle. The police department put a
self-defense course on here for us. Let’s head on in. I know the lights
are off right now, but this is a really
fun place to hang out. So the Markin is actually
not just for working out. Like I just said, you
know, a lot of people host some other fun
events here, as well. So this is a great
room to rent out. And let’s head upstairs,
where the fitness all happens. So right now it’s a little
dead time at Markin. But even though it is a dead
time, people still come, you know, and never have
to wait for a machine. People normally work
out in the afternoon, obviously college
kids don’t necessarily like waking up at 6:00 AM. But if you come
here at 6:00 AM, you may even see a professor
here, working out. Which is kind of
funny, sometimes, because you’ll be like,
hey, I’ll see you later. So, like I just said, you know,
there’s no line for a machine ever, here. Just some machines so we
have up here at Markin. And if you’re like me and you
don’t know how to work out, you can even get a personal
trainer for a small fee that can show you how to work
out, can help set up a workout program for you. Anything that you need
a personal trainer to do for you, as well. So we also have fitness classes. If you know, you didn’t want
to have a personal trainer, or you know, just wanted to
spice things up your workout. So right now, they’re
free during finals week, which is really cool. We have everything on here from
Ripped, pilates, Total Body Burn, Zumba, which
is my favorite. And spin, so let’s go ahead and
take a look at the spin room. Now, it’s really cool. I mean, we might as
well just jump on a bike while we’re in here. So what’s awesome about
this little fitness room, it’s obviously super quaint. And they have a person
that sits up there, and she has a headset on. And they also have
like, yoga cycling, which is cool, because
they’re like, yeah, namaste. And all that fun jazz. Also none of these
bikes are ever full, so don’t feel like you need to
work out next to somebody else. They purposely have a ton of
different classes to offer, so won’t need to be
sweating like crazy next to a random stranger
that you don’t know. So I’m already sweating
from that little– hoo. Little cycle ride
I just did there. So Let’s go check out where some
other workout classes happen. So over here, this room is
where all of that– Zumba has a class in here. Same with pilates, and
abs, and sometimes Ripped has class in here, as well. But it’s not just for
working out, either. Our dance team has
practice here, as well as some other organizations
on campus come here and have fun events. Like I came in here and I did
Zumba once for a [INAUDIBLE] event and it was so much fun. And you also get a really
nice view of campus while you’re getting
your fitness on. Or you can just
look at yourself, there are all these wonderful
mirrors that are in this room. So, let’s head on out
of the performance room and let’s go check out the pool. So I personally love the
pool here at Bradey’s campus, because my freshman year they
had a Floatie and a Movie. And it was so much fun because
you brought a little floatie, and you watched a
movie in the pool. Also what’s really nice
about our pool too, is it’s a saltwater
pool and so it’s absolutely great for your hair. Also a nice job on campus, too,
if you are lifeguard-certified. You can also be a lifeguard
here on the campus. And they also, too,
have different hours. So sometimes they have the lanes
in, they take the lanes out. But here it is. Currently it’s closed, but it’ll
be opening up shortly, as well for swim hours. But I have another
awesome thing to show you. We have a racquetball
court here in Markin, we actually have two. And you can just rent
out a little raquetball, come hang out. Super, super fun. Actually, before
I take you there, let me take you to where
another place is a great place to work out here as well. So you know I just showed
you the machines over there. There are also
some more machines over here and free weights. So let’s check out and see what
these people are up to over here. [? Honestly, ?]
like I said, never wait for a machine or a bench. You can come and
get your fitness on. Or you can even come over here
and get on the elliptical. What’s really cool is
you’re able to watch TV while you’re working out. And you can even tune in
to the other channels. So all you do is you
get on your machine, and right now they’re
watching HGTV. So you could plug on in, watch
HGTV while you’re working out. That looks like a pretty
nice master bedroom. But yeah, it’s really
cool to be able to– you’ll be working out and
watching TV at the same time. But you don’t just have to
work out in this area, either. If you checked out our
recent BuzzFeed article about great study
spots on campus, I’m going to show you one
of those secret study spots right now. It’s right here on
the porch of Markin. Obviously right now it’s
a little cold outside. But it’s also a
great place to study, you get your tan when it’s
a little warmer outside. But this is one of
those secret sunny spots that we were telling
about earlier in the year. So let’s go back to
that racquetball court that I was talking
to you about earlier. Keep coming with those
comments and questions, too. I know you must have some,
I’ve been showing you all around Markin. So you know how I talked about
that wonderful track earlier? Eight laps around this
track is one mile. And they actually
rotate it by day, just to be better for your
body and better for the track, as well. So that way you’re not
running that same way that you were before. We even have mats here
too, and different types of exercise balls. So you can get really
creative with your workouts. You can even do what my friend
and I did, and just threw a weight ball back and
forth, which is really fun. Just a little silly thing
that we were doing to like, “cool down” but also work
out at the same time. Now onto that favorite part,
the racquetball courts. My friends and I decided to
de-stress during finals week a few semesters ago. And it was so much
fun, we actually had some people teach us
how to play racquetball because they saw that we
were struggling a little bit. But this is one of
two racquetball courts we have here on campus. And it’s open the entire
time that Markin is open. Super fun, great
way to de-stress. You even get the goggles
and all, and the racket. And the other great thing
you can also do here is, let’s say, you
know, you’re like, I don’t even want to work out, I
just want to come and hang out. We even have ping pong
tables, foosball tables, you can just come
and use and relax. And hang out with your friends. We actually even
have a ping pong intramural team that you can
play on, which is really fun. And they set up the
games and stuff for you. So, that’s Markin. So if you guys have any
questions, please send us some comments. Or just reach out to
us on any social media. It was really fun
showing you guys a tour.

David Frank