October 21, 2019
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Twin Cities Native Americans Reclaim Lacrosse Sport

You may know the modern day
lacrosse but some local athletes are
playing it the
ancient way and as Safiya Mohamed shows us a new generation is being
introduced. (Mohamed) In Native American
culture, the origins of lacrosse date
back to the 1400’s. (Hunter) We believe that it was
given to us by a creator. (Mohamed) John Hunter is
reviving the sport within his
community. Twin Cities has the largest
Native American population in
the state. And there was nobody playing
lacrosse and I really wanted
to remedy that. (Mohamed) In 2015, he founded
the Twin Cities Native
Lacrosse team, a nonprofit that teaches and
empowers indigenous people of
all ages. (Hunter) We don’t just teach the
mechanics of the game. It’s all about the teachings
and how it centers us. Hunter says that the
sticks are living spirits. They are their own entities, and
they help facilitate the games. Our beliefs and our traditions,
our values have always held health and wellness as a,
as a core part of our lives. (Mohamed) Through the game of
lacrosse, Hunter is bridging the past
with the present while honoring the
tradition of the game. For ThreeSixty Journalism and
Blue Cross, I’m Safiya Mohamed.

David Frank