April 4, 2020
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U.S. focused on addressing N. Korea’s security interests for nuclear weapons: U.S. official

a senior US official has revealed that
Washington is ready to address North Korea’s security concerns in exchange
for the regime taking meaningful steps towards denuclearization our Kim Jiyeon
reports Davis still well the u.s. Assistant Secretary of State for East
Asian and Pacific affairs testified to the Senate Foreign Relations
Subcommittee on East Asia on Wednesday that Washington’s denuclearization talks
with North Korea are on the right track compared to before he added the task at
hand is persuading the regime that a security guarantee from the u.s. is
worth trading for there’s stockpile of nuclear weapons his remarks come after
working-level talks between Pyongyang and Washington broke down in solemn
earlier this month and after North Korean media reported earlier this week
that Kim jong-un had made symbolic visits raising anticipation a big
announcement could be in the works as the places were frequented by Kim a head
of grand political or diplomatic decisions responding to a question about
North Korea’s security interests Stilwell said it’s the only thing the
regime thinks about and said quote a lot of other things that they throw out
there are distractors leverage in some form he said Washington’s task is to
convince the North Koreans they’ll be safer without nuclear weapons but that
sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council will remain in effect until the
nuclear weapons are gone in a report submitted before the hearing sawal said
the u.s. is prepared to resume constructive talks on four classes of
the 2018 Singapore agreement aimed at achieving the final fully verified
denuclearization of North Korea Kim Jiyeon Arirang news

David Frank