April 5, 2020
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UA Volleyball falls just short in tournament championship

possi kala hey thanks a lot Stephane coach Dave Rubio on the 24th ranked Arizona Wildcats started their season off on a positive note with back-to-back wins in the cactus classic right here in Tucson in mikkel Center we’re talking volleyball Arizona knocked off Appalachian State and Lilla Marymount on Friday in this afternoon the Wildcats were gunning for a tournament sweep and the cactus classic title but standing in their way Sanford let’s go ahead and pick things up Arizona trails two sets to one and check out KT smooth coming through thought you knew after that well the Wildcats having a chance to win the set how about Paige Whipple with the kill but get this in the end Sanford would rally for the 3-2 win meanwhile coach Kevin Sumlin in the Arizona Wildcat football team are undoubtedly pretty antsy this weekend sitting out and waiting for their next shot at hitting the football field yes times are tough after suffering a disappointing loss against Hawaii in week zero certainly was a nightmare in paradise as the 11 point favorites lost by a touchdown in Hawaii and now the Wildcats have a bye week and are looking forward to rebounding in stand against NAU a week from Saturday kickoff is set for 7:45 p.m. at Arizona Stadium now he in a tone 1 there are some positives to focus on going forward despite giving up 45 points and 595 totally guards the Wildcats did four six turnovers against Hawaii sophomore safety Christian young was responsible for forcing two fumbles and senior Jace Whitaker had two interceptions whatever the case has mentioned the Wildcats are Owen one but hey there’s still an entire season left now the it’s not the end of the world if the Wildcats can you just get it together now at this point that’s a big if whatever the case seemed hopes isn’t improving and getting into the win column coach settlement continue to stress it is all about consistency that’s what we’ve been talking about you know for the last two weeks in all three phases we did some really really good things at times on defense and special teams and we did some awful things and you know we get out on the road you can’t get down 14 points and come running back and then you know have some things that some other place is just pretty consistent hey coach someone will meet with the local media again on Monday as he resumed his normal game week press conferences we’re far from over with after the break a handful of pac-12 teams are in action today with nationally ranked Oregon and Washington gunning for victors also it was a wild second week of high school football is two teams that broke up big wins against traditional rivals and will also run down a couple amazing plays you do not want to miss more sports or energy more football fun after the break [Music]

David Frank