April 8, 2020
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UBCO Heat Women’s Volleyball 2016 Bronze

Get out of your heads, right, let your body play this game here today. You can’t play with your brain, that’s my job. You guys need to to do it with your bodies. So, just be in the moment, trust your instincts, trust your training, trust all that you’ve learnt to this point, and here we are again, us, our little school of 8,000 students. Our team of five years. Zero, to five and we’re playing in a National Championship Bronze. I still say we have the best team here.
We don’t need any one individual to do this for us today. We do it as a team, we
stick together, we work together everybody has to carry 1/14th of the load.
That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Play. We will play well. Team. To be coming to the National Championship for our first time ever and leaving here with a bronze medal is uh, is quite something. Obviously
after last night we’re quite disappointed, we thought we could be in the final,
playing for the national championship, and we came up just a bit short. Ah, so for us to turnaround as quick as we did, and play as well as we did today, was, was nothing
short of unbelievable. I’m very, very proud of our players, our whole coaching
staff, support staff. Everybody pulled together and we just got this done as a
group, so couldn’t be happier right now. I’ll say it’s historic. Um its uh, this team has done some incredible things over the past five seasons. Really quite unbelievable, uh to be at the top of the national rankings, to finish first in Canada West, to win 22
matches in a season. Three, Final Four appearances in a row now, and finally to
get here to the National Championship, and to win a bronze medal. Nobody else can do
that first, we’ve done all those things first, and, and that’s our team, I mean, again. A little speechless right now and, and maybe, uh you know, super proud of everything they’ve done. I would say that our experience has been outstanding. The only thing that could have made it any better if we could have traded in our bronze medal for a gold.
Everything else was absolutely perfect from our stand-point. Couldn’t have been a better experience, couldn’t have been better hosts, and uh, we thoroughly enjoyed our time here.

David Frank