March 29, 2020
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Unboxing the iPhone Tennis Match (XS Max)

G’day folks. What I’m doing here is an unboxing
video, unboxing the iPhone tennis match or XS Max. I got the space grey. You’ll see here
that the packet colour is a little bit different to the most commonly illustrated one which
I think is for the gold. So, we’ll see how we go with unboxing this. O.K. Well, that’s
a good start! O.K. Put that over there. And the famous ease-off lid which is one of those
beautiful, robust Apple packages. We all know how wonderful they are. And, there we go, designed
by Apple in California. And “Hello”. Welcome to iPhone. I shall sort of read and study
this later I think. And, yep, the usual Apple stickers. I know other people like them, I’ve
never actually used them. A thing with minute printing and a SIM removal device. This is
going to be interesting, this is the first time I am going to be doing the SIM
for myself. O.K., now, the magic beast! So we tip the ‘phone like that and … everybody’s
favourite bit, removing the cellophane, which comes like that, and like that and a good
deal of static electricity happening there. O.K., so, there’s that and then here we have
its little charging brick, which I think we can always use more of those, trusty EarPods.
This is actually a spare set ‘cuz I’ve got two, one that came with the previous ‘phone
and one bought separately because I forgot to take my EarPods with me. And here is its
little cable. Now what I think people don’t necessarily realise is that this doesn’t come
with wireless charging. That’s one of those many things you purchase separately. So, let’s
have a look and see what it looks like. This is obviously the front (I’ll figure out at
some stage how I get the thing going), this is the back. Very nice. I’ve got a case
ready for it and a screen cover because I don’t want anything to happen to it and there
we go! So, I shall end this here because I think watching me attempt to insert a SIM
card would be rather boring. Thanks for watching. Cheers, bye!

David Frank