April 4, 2020
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  • 6:35 am Inside the School that Trains Umpires
  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
  • 6:28 am how to increase your concentration on ball while batting | Batting Technique | Cricket |
  • 6:28 am How to Play Cricket : How to Throw a Short Distance Ball in Cricket
UNC women’s basketball coaching staff put on leave while review conducted, officials say

David Frank



  1. ThePaul Steezo Posted on April 3, 2019 at 10:11 am


  2. Mark Clark Posted on April 5, 2019 at 5:48 am

    I Love It!I've lived in N.C. all my life! I'm 60 years old and N.C. used to be the best place to live, until all the looney ass liberals took over!That's where this crap about the coaching staff has come in!!There's nothing racist about Sylvia or her coaching staff!!It's flipping impossible to be a coach in just about any sport today and be a racist!! What has happened is the crazy ass liberals that have taken over the tri-ad area have ruined the area as they do everywhere they go!Our school systems have been polluted by the looney left and we have done and are doing nothing to stop them! As long as we continue to let these looney leftist infiltrate our lives as we have , we can expect more and more of the sjw crap we are getting on a daily basis now!! Everyone in the tri-ad area, charlotte and especially asheville areas that have welcomed these looney leftist with open arms over the past 10+ years are now seeing the results of their openness coming back to haunt them! The looney left ruin everything and everywhere they go in efforts to become our laziest and most arrogant and dumbest society ever!!So congrats to the looney lefts of UNC for following suit with your political partners and ruining our university at chapel hill and our state as well!!!!!!!!!!!You guys SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!As do all liberals!!!You raised these crybaby liberals that you have to back now and you people are a waste of good money and breathing room at chapel hill and the tri-ad area , no,the world!!I have a solution to everything wrong with N.C. now!!Liberals leave and go to california ,ny or any other liberal state and party down with your likeness!!Just saying!Have a great day!