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Understand Table Tennis Equipment | Choose Best Paddle and Rubber

EmRatThich Gaming
Recently, I have many questions about how to choose a
blade, choose a rubber. You have seen my videos about “The secret
the Chinese equipment – Tacky rubber”, and you asked me many questions about table tennis
equipment. Today, I want to share you how to understand
your table tennis equipment (blade, rubber) under the viewpoint of a Chinese coach. It’s very important as your table tennis equipment
can decide your playing style and your performance. First of all, Chinese coach has a deep understand
of table tennis equipment. When you first come to a table tennis club,
the coach will ask you “What is your favorite style?”, and then he will choose a best equipment
combo for you. Young kids in China get their coach select
the equipment. In some European country, the coach does not
help the beginner to understand and to choose the best equipment. That’s why when a Chinese coach see your equipment,
he can quickly understand your playing. So, today I will explain you how to choose
a best equipment for your playing style. Table tennis equipment composes of Racket
and Rubber. First of all, in Chinese philosophy, the blade
is much more important than the rubber. That�s the racket will decide your playing
style, not the rubber. The rubber supports the blade. The blade decides 80% and the rubber decides
20% of your table tennis. In general, there are 5 types of blade that
fits some playing style: Balsa blade, 1 ply hinoki blade, all wood blade: 5 plies, 7 plies,
carbon blade and ALC, ZLC support blade. Balsa is very light and low density type of
wood. It is very soft and light. At low impact, Balsa give you good control,
at higher impact, the rebound is very fast. When you hit the ball, the dwell time is very
short, difficult to generate spin. Balsa is good if you are a blocker, long pimple
user. Disadvantages: Modern looping style game,
away from the table, balsa blade cannot loop very well. It�s mainly use to quick block near the
table. This blade is not for the looping style. The 1 ply Hinoki blade is mainly used in Korea
and Japan where the quick and fast attack is favorite in Asian country. This type of blade is used by many penholders. This blade has a soft feel as the Hinoki surface
is soft. However, the blade is very thick and very
powerful if you hit the ball. This blade is good for hitter. It blocks very good too. All wood blade is favorite in China as the
controlled looping style is actually the best style in modern table tennis. That’s why Chinese players play with good
feeling blade and very hard rubber. This blade is very good to loop the ball at
mid distance. It normally has some flex, and has a larger
dimension, and is very consistent. Consistency is one of the key that Chinese
dominate the table tennis scene. Carbon blade is normally the fastest blade
with hard surface. Carbon blade is very good for hitter and powerful
loop-hitter. However, the feeling is not very good. So it’s not good for beginner who is learning
table tennis technique. Far from the table, it�s harder to loop,
but to hit is better. Very fast blade however the ball has less
spin. Recently, the ZLC, ALC layers was add to the
classic all wood blade to increase the power far from the table, but keep the feeling of
an all wood blade. This type of blade is the best type at this
moment. However, when the new poly ball comes, it’s
bigger and harder to generate the spin. The Chinese players now, tend to use harder
rubber to hit harder. As the ball is bigger, you need to hit harder
to generate the same amount of spin compared to the smaller ball. Each type of blade has many parameters: thickness,
dimension, handle, wood quality, composition of layers, etc. However, it always belongs to “a specific
playing style”. Today, I won’t explain these parameters but
I will explain the Chinese philosophy about table tennis equipment. So, if you are a progressing player, who wants
to learn table tennis as fast as possible, the best blade for you is the Allround, Allround+
all wood racket. It’s has a best feeling, and helps you improve
your table tennis techniques as you can learn the techniques to spin the ball. Some Western players tend to “EJ” (Equipment
Junkie) too much. They change the equipment too often. The rule of thumb is you need at least 6 months
to feel your blade. Focus more on the technique and the tactics
aspect, and keep using your old blade. Waldner used his very old blade and still
win many championships. Samsonov used his old blade too. Nothing special, a good control all wood blade. But he has a very good understanding in table
tennis tactics, that’s he is a “great wall”, a great blocker, a good control player. Enjoy more your table tennis, stop changing
equipment, and see my channel to learn the tactics of table tennis and your table tennis
will improve several notes. The number 3 World ranking, XU XIN too, he
is using his old, badly damaged Stiga blade, an OFF- all wood blade. Nothing special but this old blade has a good
feeling, allow him to hit powerful, and make a ball some crazy spin, side spin and top
spin. That’s why XUXIN can top spin far from the
table easily with a crazy side spin. Because this blade fits very well his playing
style. You should understand your playing style,
and choose a good blade for it. In China, the kids want to learn the looping
style at mid/far distance. That’s why the coach often gives them an allround
wood blade. As the kids improve during training, they
will upgrade the blade from Allround to OFF- and then OFF. However, it takes time and it must be accepted
by the coach. In some Western country (USA, European), some
players just want a carbon blade to hit harder, faster but loose more. Their techniques don’t improve and the consistency
is very bad. Their ball has no spin, so no control, and
less powerful. The power is considered less important than
the spin, cited by Chinese philosophy of table tennis. Some of you has asked me that, so when I should
upgrade my blade, my rubber? The rule of thumb is: If you feel that you
have totally control of your blade, and it lacks some power, you can upgrade your rubber
faster. And even with the faster rubber, you feel
lack of power to finish the point, now change the blade. However, in every case, when you hit 5 balls
very hard, 4 balls must still inside the table. If you have only 3 balls go inside and 2 balls
go outside, you should not upgrade the blade. Review your technique. Please remember, the blade is “to feel the
ball”. The blade gives you the consistency, and helps
you spin the ball. That’s the rubber will give you the speed
of the ball. If you hit the ball without spin, you are
on the wrong way. Slower your blade, and enjoy your table tennis. If you add spin to the ball, the speed will
also increase. But if you hit the ball without spin, your
ball�s consistency decreases. You will make more error, therefore less fun! I hope this video will make you stop “changing
your equipment, stop the EJ – equipment junkie disease. Just use some good old blade, which gives
good feeling and control. Learn more about tactics and techniques and
your table tennis will improve, more fun, happier table tennis. I have another question: “I don’t want to
change my blade. But I have a problem with the new poly ball. Help me”. Yes, the poly ball is very hard for us, the
amateur players because it’s harder now to spin the ball. It requires you to hit harder, the poly ball
is slower and has less spin. Here I have 2 solutions: Train more your physical
strength to hit harder, use the power from the legs, hip, waist. Use harder rubber for both Forehand and Backhand. As harder rubber forces you to hit harder,
and it will become your good habit to deal with
the poly ball. EmRatThich Gaming

David Frank



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  91. Yash Mehrotra Posted on June 21, 2019 at 9:55 pm

    Is yinhe apollo 5 rubber with yinhe mercury 13 blade a good combo for an all round player that focuses a bit more on the offensive style but is still an all rounder?

  92. nizam salehudin Posted on June 23, 2019 at 8:50 am

    My blade and rubber are same with the one that you mention..viscaria blade dhs hurricane 3 neo blue sponge & butterfly tenergy 05. Now i realise that i'm not good enough for my blade…hahahaha

  93. Simon Almirante Posted on June 23, 2019 at 1:06 pm

    Sir is a JOOLA Falcon Fast together with a Yinhe Earth good?

  94. NickyT Posted on July 11, 2019 at 10:07 pm

    I wish I had seen this a long time ago.

  95. Enrico cappuccelli Posted on July 14, 2019 at 4:49 am

    which rubber is recommended for beginners ?

  96. Dawid Mikan Posted on August 10, 2019 at 11:24 pm

    Why does he only talk about Chinese players?

  97. Crystaline Masagca Posted on August 24, 2019 at 2:40 am

    Hi ! I just wanna ask for your opinion for a great set that I should buy.. I'm kinda confused in choosing the perfect blade for Yinhe Jupiter 2 and Yinhe Earth 2.. is it Yinhe Y-13 or Yinhe T-7s?

  98. Kan CK Posted on September 5, 2019 at 6:55 pm

    Your english was not good back then XD

  99. Clashing Sports !! Posted on September 22, 2019 at 3:07 pm

    Mine blade is balsa outer wood vs 2 layers of carbon

  100. 10,000 Subs without video Posted on October 4, 2019 at 2:01 pm

    It's hard to search long pips rubber in my country