April 8, 2020
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Une demande en mariage

We coordinate the security, so we make sure that no one’s
walking around Centre Court. Stadium Logistics Team Supervisor On the screen we saw
a man and a woman walking along
the edge of the court. They had no business being there,
they were alone. I asked them politely to leave. And then I heard some music that
started playing in Centre Court. I thought “Well, that’s funny, the
tournament hasn’t started yet. The set up hasn’t been completed.” When I turned around,
I saw a Tenniseum guide in the corner of Centre Court,
who was gesturing to me. I said to him: “Well, what?” And in fact, it had been planned. It was a man who had taken advantage
of his visit to Roland-Garros to propose to his girlfriend. Roland-Garros is not only the story of two players.
It’s a story that belongs to everyone. So basically, I kind of ruined
his marriage proposal!

David Frank